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  1. does anyone have any advice for new developers who want to get their apps out in the world and known? My first app has launched and now comes the tough part... getting people to find it. Any advice to get the ball rolling? any marketing techniques? Apps are a tricky thing to market. Thanks, guys!

  2. lahoda

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    You've just missed a golden opportunity. The commercials in the TV coverage of the NFL Superbowl seems to be working ;-)
    Kidding aside, it is important to understand, that placing app into the market is not marketing. And you need to have a marketing plan...don't need to buy a TV space or billboards, but there are many techniques, that tend to work, as sending your app for review, posting articles at various servers, paying for Google AdSense campaign etc. You can also hire a company which specializes in this kind of service. If all of this is out of your budget, try to get a book on the topic (try to search for Mobile marketing on Amazon), it will be worth the investment.
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  4. Thanks for the responses! I will definitely have to look into all of these options (in first response). If you feel compelled to check out my app, here is the link:

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