How to go to recovery mode in Galaxy 5

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  1. Amanjeetarora

    Amanjeetarora New Member

    How to go to recovery mode in Galaxy 5? I mean just like download mode how to go to recovery mode..?

  2. Abiram26

    Abiram26 Well-Known Member

    You mean to the original state, like how it was in the shop?
    I don't actually know.
    But I want that too.
    I've the usa Froyo, and it s*cks. No multitouch, no flash, not way faster than eclaire.
    I'm gonna download the official Froyo, when it's out in Europe.
    my phone changed from I5500 to I5500L. Now Kies doesn't detect my phone as I5500 but as I5500L. help
  3. evil_akuma

    evil_akuma Active Member

    What do you mean by "recorvery mode" ? Kind of data backup ?
  4. TAIMI

    TAIMI New Member

    i dont think there is "command for it"
    you have to use apps that helps you get in to it,
    multitoch is in progress, not more what i know
  5. TAIMI

    TAIMI New Member

    to get into recovery mode i use rom manager, (licensed)
    then you can choose recovery mode,

    and the recoverymode is to install updates trough sd card,
  6. Stash68

    Stash68 Well-Known Member

    To factory reset-go settings, then Privacy and there is Factory Data Reset.
    There is a recovery mode in kies with phone attatched, its called Emergency Firmware Recovery, never used it though.
  7. varun.k

    varun.k Active Member

    Rom manager does not detect my phone. When i try to install the mod it displays some other phones, not the galaxy 5.
  8. cwilkinson1998

    cwilkinson1998 Well-Known Member

    try connecting the phone to a computer in recovery mode, on the computer install the ADB then type into a command prompt "adb reboot recovery"

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