how to grant superuser (root) access?

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  1. jakkebrown

    jakkebrown Active Member

    I wondering if anybody can help me, all I want is to have root access so I can use gamekeyboard for duke nukem. I dont want a custom rom or firmware, I also want the ability to delete preinstalled apps like bruce lee, bbci and the like.

    Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction?, thanx in advance

  2. jakkebrown

    jakkebrown Active Member

    Thaught ide mention its for my xperia play r800i :)
  3. eraoof

    eraoof Active Member

    Download this file:

    Deposit Files

    Then extract all to a pre-determined folder of your choice. Run the .exe file. Plug your phone in, (I didn't work for me when I had the memory card mounted) Press ROOT <===the button at the top left. Wait roughly 7 seconds...


    BTW the steps i just laid out for you are steps to root your phone.

    Need any more help, just ask

    Yours faithfully,
    An Xperia Play R800i user
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  4. jakkebrown

    jakkebrown Active Member

    Thankyou, although I have googled around abit and a few people are saying the 4.0.2.A.0.62 build is not rootable, is this true? And if so how do I down grade to be eligible for root. Thanx in advance again.
  5. eraoof

    eraoof Active Member

    Um, now I'm not sure but I think that it is possible as I have done it. (Same phone as you)

    But as I say I don't know everything.

    I would say do it only because I have done it

    Yours faithfully,
    An Xperia Play R800i user
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  6. jakkebrown

    jakkebrown Active Member

    So when you did it, ur build number was the same? as well as it being gingerbread 2.3.4? If so I'm sold
  7. oxidehaxs

    oxidehaxs New Member

    plzz i need help i have a zte T760 and i am having trtouble rooting it could you plzz help me i have tried super one click but that keeps crashing and unlockroot and that dont work i have super user on my phone but i have not yet rooted it i have tried but no susscess plzz hope you can help me
    thanks email tightassgamer at gmail dot com

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