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How to group message chat with iPhone iOS4 users?

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  1. stryker707

    stryker707 Member

    Yes, unfortunately I have friends with iPhones. With iOS4, they can basically do a group text chat that has all the users receiving the messages from everyone in one location and all messages are saved. This is basically like a chat group using text messages.

    My question is whether android has any apps that can allow us to "join" these chats. I asked my friend to add me as a user to the chat but all that accomplishes is letting me get individual messages from each member of the chat. If I wanted to reply to the group, I would have to reply to each one individually.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  2. With Handcent SMS (a free app) you can group text people. Then it stays in the group conversation. Thats essentially the same thing as you are referring to. A "conversation" amongst phone users.
  3. freeza

    freeza Well-Known Member

    Wow, I had no idea handcent could do that. I guess it's time for a change from stock. How does it know if you're in a group vs if you're not?
  4. stryker707

    stryker707 Member

    I'm currently using handcent and I've tried that, but when the iphone users reply back to me, it comes in individually. It doesnt stay in the group that I created, anything I am doing wrong?

    Also, how could I possibly "add" myself to a current group chat that's already going on with those iphone users?
  5. stryker707

    stryker707 Member

  6. stryker707

    stryker707 Member

    Has anyone heard any word on an app that would do this? That function/feature is probable (in my opinion) one of the only things iphone users have over the android system.
  7. mryanaz

    mryanaz Member

    Yes, there is a solution: Smashtalk (www.smashtalk.net) Smashtalk has been designed to allows any handset wo be a part of a group chat session. All that is needed is for the handset vendor community to embrace the technology.

    Smashtalk's patent-pending method of enabling group-text chat is fully backwards compatible with existing devices. It can be easily embedded into any operating system.

    Call or write your handset vendor and ask them when they plan to let you do what text messaging was always intended to do; Smashtalk.
  8. ruriimasu

    ruriimasu Well-Known Member

    im still waiting for my 1st android phone to be delivered. so i havent used android apps yet... but cant you acheive all these group chat thing with those im apps such as yahoo messenger, skype or msn? :confused: or are there differences from the PC versions?

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