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How to handle calls in different way?

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  1. farzan

    farzan New Member

    Hello everybody,

    First of all thanks for your time reading this thread, I'm actually going to have some research on GSM security issues for my Master thesis, within my research I ended up with an issue that I have to solve and I need to provide some experimental results to the referees so that they approve my work.
    I have to capture incoming voice data and do a few processes on it and then play it back on phone's speaker and for outgoing voice I need to receive it using phone's microphone and after doing some processes let the phone's hardware to transmit it over GSM network. I've already installed android SDK and the desire platform, I have a few programming background with C# so I think there will be not much problem with Java for me. But I'm actually lost within the SDK, I don't know how to manage my app so that it prevents android powered device from directing incoming voice into speaker and instead let me have the raw data and manually direct it into the speaker; same goes for the outgoing voice.

    Can you experts please help me out.
    I'm almost disappointed and I'm thinking that it might not be supported by firmware. But please help me so that I can find a workaround. If it is not feasible in android powered devices so which phone does actually support it? Because AFAIK there's no other mobile OS out there that developers can easily develop powerful apps using its SDK.

    thanks in advance

  2. farzan

    farzan New Member

    Hi there,

    Any info on this; guys??
    Seems that SDK does not grant permission to what I'm gonna do, right? If true, then I might have an idea... how about using custom ROMs on rooted devices?


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