How to hard reset, and delete all settings with button combo.General

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  1. chipmyster

    chipmyster New Member

    With the device turned off,

    1)Press and hold (in this order) Volume Up+Volume Down+Home+Power, unil you see the Android character and a box-unloading animation.
    2)Once animation is done, the device should restart.
    3)You should now have a factory reset LG Shine Plus.

  2. Ludes

    Ludes New Member

    Thanks so much for this!!
  3. Ndentay

    Ndentay New Member

    this didn't work for me, any other way?
  4. Burned

    Burned Well-Known Member

    vol_down + home + power
  5. TheSarge

    TheSarge Active Member

    Just go Settings>Privacy>Factory Data Reset. It's a lot simpler than trying to press a bunch of buttons simultaneously.

    In any case, be sure you synch your contacts, calender, etc. to Google before you do a factory data reset, or you'll loose any entries you didn't synch to the cloud yet.
  6. wobleobx

    wobleobx New Member

    Dude I love you so much in every homo way possible. You fixed my phone =D I love you.
    I was cleaning my phone with a wet cloth but it wasn't that wet anyway well when i was done I went on my phone and the screen wouldn't respond when i touched it. But now i reset it and it fixed it. i love you =D
    BTW i made an account just to tell you that....even tho i doubt that you will get this message......oh well..... thanks you so much.

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