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how to hard reset my tablet

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  1. aviranx

    aviranx Well-Known Member

  2. jamesoffice

    jamesoffice Member

  3. Ssith

    Ssith Well-Known Member

    hard reset as in flash a new OS? or as in factory reset?

    the factory reset should be in privacy or storage settings, the other one you'd need root access to accomplish.
  4. aviranx

    aviranx Well-Known Member

    i just need someone who has this tablet and knows how to
    get into recovery
  5. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    A cheapo Shenzhen "MID" tablet shipped from HK. Hard reset which usually gives you the recovery options, is something like hold down a combination of the power button and the volume up or down buttons for about 10 seconds and/or maybe poking a paper-clip into a reset hole on the back. The exact method seems to vary by manufacturer.

    Is there anything in the instructions about it? Assuming they're in English, not Chinese. You might have to play around with it, trying various combinations. Suggest trying holding down volume up or down and power at same time for about 10 seconds.
    aviranx likes this.
  6. aviranx

    aviranx Well-Known Member

    instead of voulme up or down, the volume up is esc
    and the volume down is menu.. thats written on the back of
    the tablet..
    i already tried those things.. will try again.
    tahnks :)
    i cant find the combination.. :(

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