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  1. foxbox

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    I've got A81-E from JTShop a week ago. It still has many problems and
    I have been trying to solve them. Now I would like to know how to hard
    reset the device. I need to roll back the device to the factory setting.

    Could someone tell me how to do it?

    My main problems on A81-E are:
    1. Display does not rotate automatically.
    2. Bluetooth does not turn on.

  2. darndot

    darndot Member

    Display is not going to rotate automatically.

    Have you updated the ROM? - Login is the newest rom. You will need to sign up with them to get the newest version. You format a memory card put the files on it, and press the left volume and power key at the same time. It is pretty well that easy. It will wipe everything.

    Another forum called slatedroid has a section called Nationite MIDnite. I am using a custom rom from there.
    Nationite MIDnite Firmware / Development

    I haven't tried bluetooth, but it "should" work.
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  3. darndot

    darndot Member

    Sorry for the second post. I had to do some deep goggling. Most apps are made to toggle auto rotation on and off.

    I had to pull it off a file sharing site, but Cynosurex makes a program called RotateD. You have two icons rotateL, and rotateP.
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  5. darndot

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  6. foxbox

    foxbox New Member

    Thank you for your advice. I updated the rom.

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