How to have VPN but no passwordSupport

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  1. Matrix Leader

    Matrix Leader Well-Known Member

    I hate this so much :mad::mad:

    In order to enable VPN, you must put a screen pattern or pin code. I tried to live with this, I put the lock time to 30 mins yet I hate it everytime I pickup my phone every now and then I have to put a pin! How can I have VPN with NO password on my phone?

    On my previous Galaxy S3 I had the same crap as well!

    I hate iPhone really but it doesn't have this bullshit that Android tries to force users with!

  2. jj14x

    jj14x Guides Guide

    It is a security feature.
    (probably the first instance that I've seen where a user is complaining about Android being restrictive compared to iPhone! lol!)

    I don't know if this will work - but a google search found this article
    John R. Bussiculo − Disable the android lock screen password or pin with VPN enabled

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  3. Matrix Leader

    Matrix Leader Well-Known Member

    nope, doesn't work. after I enter my PIN incorrectly 5 times, it just tells me I can retry to enter the PIN after 30 seconds :(
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  4. JohnRBussiculo

    JohnRBussiculo New Member

    Looks like this hack only works for the HTC One :-(
  5. shmn

    shmn Well-Known Member

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  6. James Fowler

    James Fowler New Member

    I got this working for me after much searching, problem is my theme still doesn't work on my device with the VPN set up. I feel like this was a major design flaw in Sony not providing theme's that work with a VPN.

    If anyone has a solution to get the theme going after usin this workaround that'd be appreciated. My phone's not rooted so I can't take advantage of all the apps and other solutions for rooted devices
  7. James Fowler

    James Fowler New Member

    The phone when pressed the power button or left to sleep, will go black, but when i press power button again it goes straight to the homescreen, no theme. I'm someone who loves the updates on the theme swipe screen and the music and camera controls. But this workaround seems to disable the screen altogether
  8. James Fowler

    James Fowler New Member

    Nevermind, just make sure the device is setup with the theme (and set to swipe) first, Which is how I like it. Then do the steps provided by shmn. Enter pin or whatever wrong 5/10 times, enter security answer or sign into google, then VERY important set NO when it asks you for a new pin/w.e. After this if you check in security it should say it's using ths wipe lock, and when you press the power button to turn the screen off then back on again. Voila it should show the theme.

    Thanks people
  9. James Fowler

    James Fowler New Member

    Seems like the fix only works till the phone gets restarted, then it asks for a credential storage (which doesn't exist), at which point it either locks you out of vpn or you fail the pass 5 times and then the vpn details disappear. Happy for those that got the fix working though
  10. peterh337

    peterh337 Well-Known Member

    VPNroot worked for me - Samsung 8.4" T705 tablet, 5.0.2.

    It's a simple app which allows you to set up a PPTP VPN. It hopefully also edits that XML file which, deep down, has a setting which enables any VPN to be used without the screen lock.

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