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[HOW-TO]Honeycomb Theme Including Lock Screen

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  1. alphadog32

    alphadog32 New Member

    Hello Guys, You requested a tutorial, well here it is. I will provide the back up XML files for easy theming.


    1. Download and extract ADW Settings.zip to the root of your sdcard.

    2. On your phone (You must have ADW installed) press menu > more > adw settings.

    3. Go to back up and restore and restore both.

    4. Download Ripple Lock free, or Paid (Both work thee same)

    5. Start Ripple Lock and click settings and do the following
    *Background Settings , wallpaper
    * Shortcut Settings, Display Settings Uncheck
    *Screen Orientation, Fix Horizontal
    *Fix Double Lock Issue, Mode Two
    *Uncheck the following ,vibrate icon, music control, status bar, lock icon, only display circle, status bar expand, fix power issue

    6. Go back and and press start.

    7. Download MultiTask Manager.

    8. Add 2 Shorcuts To whatever you want and one to MultiTask Manager Main Service

    9. Do not add text to shortcuts.!

    10. Make sure you add the correct icon for bottom ones!

    11. You should be done. Please post any problems in description.

    *Posted a Youtube Video*


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