[HOW-TO] i9000B (South America), Froyo + Root + Open Market

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  1. hdezela

    hdezela New Member

    Okay, I came here to find a way to do this and found it (in seven different threads + a few outside links), so for anyone else, here it is in one place.

    1.- Download this file, it has everything you need. Extract it somewhere.

    2.- Most 9000B's seem to have the 3-button options locked, so first we need to unlock that.

    2.a.- Enable USB debugging on your phone.
    2.b.- Open up Odin3 (in Vista and 7, "run as administrator...").
    2.c.- Connect your phone to your PC.
    2.d.- In Odin3, under "PDA", find "Aries_P-SBL.tar.md5".
    2.e.- In Odin3, make sure "Re-Partition" is NOT selected and "Phone Bootloader Update" IS selected.
    2.f.- In the boxes at the top, check that your phone is connected.
    2.g.- Click "Start", it should take 40 - 50 seconds to do the update.
    2.h.- After reboot, turn off your phone and try [VOLDOWN+HOME+POWER] to see if it worked. If it did, you

  2. mgerlach

    mgerlach New Member

    I'm trying to root my i9000b, but it's already upgraded to Froyo. Any chance anyone has the update.zip for that? No rooting file has worked so far...

  3. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    You cannot root froyo using update.zip. Download z4root from the market.
  4. mgerlach

    mgerlach New Member

    Wow, that worked, thanks!
  5. indigomilano

    indigomilano New Member

    the file Froyo + Root + Market.7z seems to be locked.. whats the password ?
  6. dayvi

    dayvi New Member

    Anyone know if there is a 2.2.1 rom to the south america i9000b?
  7. hdezela

    hdezela New Member

    I didn't put any pass protect on it...do you have 7-zip?
  8. RaulBlas

    RaulBlas New Member

    Supongo que hablar
  9. Paltomiel

    Paltomiel Member

    small question..

    Will this method work if I have a Samsung Galaxy S SPH-D700 and i'm using 2.2 froyo??

    thanks :)
  10. Paltomiel

    Paltomiel Member

    anyone? please?

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