How to improve battery life on the YTips

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  1. Ellis456

    Ellis456 Well-Known Member

    First adjust your brightness to make it viewable but not bright, remove running processes you dont need:

    Install 3g enable/disable widget and turn off when you dont need it ie standby.

    Turn off wifi, gps and bluetooth.

    Unselect background data and autosync, note you need background data on to use the market.

    Dont use live wallpapers and delete unneeded widgets.

    My battery now lasts a full day and has a full battery icon.

  2. johnston27

    johnston27 Member

    My 2 cents:

    Root your phone , install cputuner from market,and configure two profiles.

    screen on : 836 mhz
    screen off : 312 mhz

    That way when your phone's screen turns off , you downclock your cpu to 312 mhz .

    Dont use task killers : your phone wastes more battery re-opening killed tasks : instead , make sure everytime you close an app, its really closed . WIth stock task admin , you can make sure of it.

    Install juice defender . Apart from other things, it disables data connection (GPRS/3G/HSPA) when wifi is on.
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  3. himu4630

    himu4630 Active Member

    by this method how much the battery lasts ?
  4. Ellis456

    Ellis456 Well-Known Member

    Standby a few days now.
  5. Ellis456

    Ellis456 Well-Known Member

    Thanks I set the trigger to lock screen as screen off is that all I need to do?.
  6. johnston27

    johnston27 Member

    You need to configure cputuner , to set cpu speed when screen off to 312hmz min - 312hmz max.

    And when screen on,832 mhz min-max.

    Also,remeber to install juicedefender.
  7. Ellis456

    Ellis456 Well-Known Member

    Cheer's dont really use any batt apps as I just use data enable/disable widget, I find batt apps end up using more battery as it's in memory.
  8. funkybone

    funkybone Member

    my batt lasts for 2 days. w/Gaming ON :)
  9. johnston27

    johnston27 Member

    I love juicedefender, because,amongst other things,disable radio data (GPRS/3G) when wifi is on.

    My batt goes on 2-3 days without tinkering much with the phone.
  10. phfire

    phfire Well-Known Member

    cputuner lags my phone. uninstalled. any alternatives?
  11. earlgem07h

    earlgem07h Member

    what did you do to make it last that long? :confused:
  12. gordy716

    gordy716 New Member

    Mine lasts easily a week with just texting, all data and other things turned off mainly due to being on pay and go and the fb app still sends data even when supposedly closed down lol
  13. chejetikoti

    chejetikoti Member

    just use task manager for every 3 hours
  14. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    Never use a task manager.
    This is a truth that task manager eats up lots of RAM as well as battery.
    Just checkout the all new v6 supercharger script, it is supercompatible with gingerbread.
    It will boost up ur phone as well as there will be improvement of ur phone battery life also.
    If u need my help u can post it here or I think member Ellis will solve it.
    He is most experienced member on this galaxy y section
  15. earlgem07h

    earlgem07h Member

    i downloaded juice defender and i charged it last night, i used it for about 13 hours straight, web surf, games, videos and music and only one bar was taken out. am thinking of buying juice defender ultimate. is it worth it? suggestions would be helpful :)
  16. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    Yes it is cool buy it .
    Use supercharger script along with it.
    Your phone will be snappy.
  17. earlgem07h

    earlgem07h Member

    okay, is the supercharger found in the market? when i bought this phone last Thursday i only charged it for like 3 hours, is that okay?
  18. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    U will not get in market.
    here is the link to supercharger script download it
    First of all download and install script manager from and install busybox installer from market and open it and install busybox 1.18.2 from busybox installer.
    Then reboot your phone.
    Now open the script manager and locate the the script i attached in ur sd card. Then open it and run it as root.
    Done!!!!!and u can choose any option u like in that script.
    And never overcharge your battery as it can harm ur battery.
    Good luck
  19. earlgem07h

    earlgem07h Member

    root? i thought this doesn't require rooting?
  20. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    Yes it requires root. U are not rooted????
    Why u r not rooting it?
  21. earlgem07h

    earlgem07h Member

    cause i just bought it. hehe and am scared
  22. earlgem07h

    earlgem07h Member

    do you know how to install gta iii in samsung galaxy y? i've bought it in the market and it still dosen't work. how to do this? i really wanna play this GAME! help! :(
  23. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    I have seen the Samsung galaxy y gaming club and the owner is also trying to make it work.
    I will keep my eye on it and inform you when he finds a way to do that.
  24. earlgem07h

    earlgem07h Member

    big help man. thanks a bunch! but others are already playing.:confused:
  25. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    Others??? do you mean on this phone they have successfully played the game??

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