How to improve battery life on the YTips

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  1. earlgem07h

    earlgem07h Member

    hey guys, cpu tuner, juice defender, and v6 supercharger make a hell of combination. i used my y for about 7 hours straight plus this morning downloaded a 500mb file via phone. and the battery is still 57%! thanks for all you're help guys! ^^

  2. aezle marie

    aezle marie New Member

    i tried using the internet on my galaxy Y but the battery lasted for 3 hours only =( i already adjusted the brightness of my fone,no animation ot whatsoever.GPS and wifi are turned off when im not using it but howcome my battery lasted for only 3hours when i used the internet =( what must i do? thanks.
  3. Annamalai

    Annamalai Member

    Does it slows my mobile.Does rooting excludes warranty.i read that rooting avoids phone warranty.
  4. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    Yes u r right.
    It voids your warranty.
  5. merrygeo

    merrygeo New Member

    i got this Y just a week back... one thing i learned; no widgets more battery life....
  6. srinivashwp

    srinivashwp New Member

    Recently i bought a samsung galaxy y , i was very much worried about the battery backup
    but you all given me a very useful advice it worked very lot
    thank you once again
    the juicedefender. very worthy app...
  7. Annamalai

    Annamalai Member

    I found a better idea guys.It works for me perfectly,

    When you buy the mobile you should not charge when get the mobile in hand.

    use the battery till it dries and shut downs.
    Then charge it for 8hours.

    Use the mobile till 10% of battery is reached again charge for 5 hours,and do it regularly.

    you will get 3-4 days of battery backup.
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  8. Annamalai

    Annamalai Member

    I have a new problem.

    when i use internet from wifi the device works perfectly.

    but when i use internet from sim my battery gets heated to 45*C.I read in user manual that "store battery from 0*C-40*C"

    i am scared that of my mobile.

    pls help me.
  9. Mahyi

    Mahyi Member

    is there any application to save battery?
  10. Tiyak

    Tiyak New Member

    Yes. Check SetCPU.

    Because it doesn't support auto-detect (well, it didn't in my Galaxy Y...), you must create setcpu.txt and cp/paste the following values (minimum freq is 312Mhz and maximum is 832Mhz):


    Copy setcpu.txt to SD Card's root.

    Mu current profiles:


    Uploaded with
  11. earlgem07h

    earlgem07h Member

    did it really work? cause i'm planning to buy a new battery for my young because it just stresses me out to watch my phone die after charging.
  12. reineskye25

    reineskye25 New Member

    where can we buy an extra battery for galaxy y? does samsung sell a battery for galaxy y?
  13. Annamalai

    Annamalai Member

    yes it works for me
  14. Mahyi

    Mahyi Member

    First adjust your brightness to make it viewable but not bright, remove running processes you dont need: Ua3pHSENVeXlqUm5vV0E&single=true&gid=0&output=html

    Install 3g enable/disable widget and turn off when you dont need it ie standby. _result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5mYXJwcm9jLmRhdGE uZW5hYmxlciJd

    Turn off wifi, gps and bluetooth.

    Unselect background data and autosync, note you need background data on to use the market.

    Dont use live wallpapers and delete unneeded widgets.

    My battery now lasts a full day and has a full battery icon.

    ---do i need to install data enabler widget to save more battery?
  15. jebjeb

    jebjeb Well-Known Member

    my phone last for 2-3days ill play music while im going to shower . hahha and also when im bored. :) i don't have games yet, i dont have also cpu tuner . should i download?
  16. ContemPlato

    ContemPlato New Member

    What do I do after I run the script as root?

    All it does is ask to input a number from 0-3 :confused:
  17. MonJovi

    MonJovi Active Member

    Have you even tried typing a value (0,1,2,3) and pressing the enter key?

    Because it asks you another thing after that...
  18. socrates0

    socrates0 Well-Known Member

  19. sweetsunny678

    sweetsunny678 Member

    I have samsung galaxy y and want to improve battery timing or life i am using juice defender and cpu tuner help me which is good or how i will increase battery life
  20. sweetsunny678

    sweetsunny678 Member

    hey how can we check that our phone is routed
  21. sweetsunny678

    sweetsunny678 Member

    and is there any disadvantage for rooting phone
  22. ronbareh

    ronbareh New Member

    Cpu tunner not working propely for mecan any one help me.. When i check on compatabilities in cpi turnner, it shows performance not working..
  23. cybersayote

    cybersayote New Member

    can i ask something? how to get application in android market? because i need the juice defender some say that this is good for the lifetime of your battery thats why i need that much ... please answer me back
  24. shmahmed

    shmahmed Member

    do you want to get juice defender from market?
    just go to ur market icon and in the left upper corner there is a search button... type there juice defender and get it..

    or login your google account in computer and SGY both.. open market on your desk top search juice defender and click install..:)
  25. cybersayote

    cybersayote New Member

    yes i want to have that but when i click install its always say like this ... "There are no Android phones associated with this account. Please sign in with a different account." what should i do to get that? i am so confuse i really don't what to do. >.<

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