How to Increase Internal Memory of Micromax A25 Ny Vaibhav

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  1. vaibhavcoolm

    vaibhavcoolm Well-Known Member

    Hey Guys I have A wonderful tutorial for all of you TO increase internal memory of Micromax A25. As we know Micromax A25 has an Internal Memory of only 120MB. So we can't install much apps in our phone. If we try to move apps to sd card it will only move a little part of it but still the remaining part is in your internal Memory. In internal memory be can install 15-25 apps. If we move them to sd card we will be able to install 35-40 apps. So here is an awesome tutorial for you to increase your internal memory to install UNLIMITED Apps in your phone..So lets increase our internal Memory..

    Requirements :-
    1.) Micromax A25 (LOL..haha)
    2.) Memory card
    3.) Mini Partition Tool
    Download here :- MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition - CNET
    4.) Link2SD
    Download Here :-

    Install Mini Partition Tool in your PC and Link2SD in your phone..

    Well in Simple we have to do only 4 steps :-
    1.) Partition Memory Card
    2.) Setup Link2SD
    3.) Apply auto link option so it will automatically link whenever you install an
    4.) Have to forgot what is internal Memory (LOL.. :) )

    1.) So first Step is to partition SD card :-
    1) Use card reader to connect your memory card to computer (Don't use Use
    usb storage from phone)
    2) Open Mini partition Tool
    3) you will see your card below
    4) Backup your card as partitioning may delete all of your data
    5) right click your card
    6) Select Move/Resize on top.
    7) Resize your memory card from right arrow (click and scroll)
    8) The partition Size will be the size of your memory card in which you can
    store your photos, videos etc...
    9) The Unallocated Space After will be the size of the memory card you wish
    to use as internal memory..
    (For example if you have 8GB Card and you wish memory card to be 6gb and
    use the rest 2gb as internal memory then 6gb will be your partition size and
    2gb will be the unallocated space)
    10) If you are satisfied with you resizing click OK
    11) An Unallocated space will appear below you memory card.
    12) Right click there and click create.
    13) A warning will appear click continue.
    14) Now Specify these Values
    Create As : Primary
    File System : Ext3
    And Leave the rest as it is...and then click OK
    15) Now click on the Apply button on the top left corner It will take some time
    After that is done you have successfully partitioned your Memory Card.

    Second Step is Setting up link2SD
    1) open link2SD
    2) Give the root permissions
    3) Now a popup will appear asking you the file system of your second partition
    4) Select Ext3
    5) If you have done partitioning correctly it will say mount scripts successfully
    6) Reboot your phone.
    Now if you have done all things correctly you will not see that popup next

    Now the real MAGIC
    It will show you all apps touch the app you want to move to sd card and select create link (In the symbolic Link (scroll Down))
    And it will link the apps for you.
    Now see your internal memory it will free up space magically..

    If you want to auto link the app when you install any app then go to menu ->
    settings -> and select auto link...

    Now the last but not the least you have to for got what is internal Memory..
    Enjoy guys....

    Donations Are Appretiated

  2. coolroxy4u

    coolroxy4u New Member

    Hi Vaibhav

    can u explain the step

    2) Give the root permissions

    I have done everything till this step but i don't know how to give root permissions.

    Thanks !
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  3. vaibhavcoolm

    vaibhavcoolm Well-Known Member

    duse when u open Link2sd it will ask supperuser permissions..just allow it..there is no rocket science in
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  4. coolroxy4u

    coolroxy4u New Member

    So that means i don't have root access to my fone. I need to root it ?
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  5. manish rated

    manish rated Member

    if this was possible without root access then why we people are spending whole day in roooting our mmx a25
    yes u have to get ur phone rooted for all this hacking tricks
  6. infernado

    infernado New Member

    Does this work for micromax a27
  7. vaibhavcoolm

    vaibhavcoolm Well-Known Member

    yup of course it is a universal method but i dont know whether a27 supports dont format in ext3 instead of that use FAT16/32...
    Please click thanks if u like it
  8. nightwalker

    nightwalker Active Member

    any custom rom for micromax a25
  9. Yousufuddin

    Yousufuddin New Member

    I have done Every thing what ever you have given. But i unable to do root access can you please share the procedure for Root access..
  10. vaibhavcoolm

    vaibhavcoolm Well-Known Member

    r u rooted if not root ur phone otherwise this wont work.......
  11. aditya 786

    aditya 786 Member

    hey bro while i am trying to root my mmx a25 with flash tool its showing an error "partition size changed" and i am unable to download the scattered file,
    any suggestions i am very close to it....
  12. sumeetg

    sumeetg New Member

    Hi ...pls suggest how can i unlock root or give root permission for increasing internal memory
  13. romiljpr

    romiljpr New Member

    "Link2sd could not obtain root access......"
    How to allow root access ?
    what is superuser, how can use ?
    please define, i stuck, you can mail me....
  14. shakib_ahmed

    shakib_ahmed Member

    Superuser, basically, is a concept related to linux where u will get all the administrative permissions in your hand. So in order to get this on your phone you must root it. There is an app named 'superuser' which u can install after rootin ur phone
  15. aditya_191196

    aditya_191196 New Member

    um...after successfully creating the partition..can i again undo the partition and get back my original size of sd card if i wish??? pls..rply..bro..
  16. katochsajal0618

    katochsajal0618 New Member

    hey vaibhav... u shuld mention [root required] in ur post... many are corrupting their mmry crds.
  17. baiju1185

    baiju1185 New Member

    Hey Vaibhav can u tell me how it is possible to install Hindi & Gujarati font in micromax A25
  18. midhun1998

    midhun1998 New Member

    Hey anybody me
    I has micromax elanza2 I have rooted it and partitioned it with ext2 ext4 fat16 and NTFS but when I open it with link2sd card nothing mounts why is diz so...???

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