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  1. raunhar

    raunhar Member

    I have just 22 MB of internal store left on my android device. Phone memeory has just the default apps.
    rest all apps have been installed on Micro SD.
    When I try to update a App, I get the error: Low on Internal Memory, unable to update.

    The device is still under warranty period.

  2. fredworxz

    fredworxz Active Member

    Do you use the net much with your phone ???

    Try clearing some internet junk from your phone.....cookies, internet cache, history etc .....this should free up some more space
  3. raunhar

    raunhar Member

    Not much net was used on the mobile.
  4. fredworxz

    fredworxz Active Member

    Do you have any themes, Os add ons like.... go launcher that could be taking up space??
  5. ashmahajan

    ashmahajan New Member

    Hi, Guys need your advice. i have a samsung Galaxy Ace (android vesion 2.3.6, buidl No Gingerbread.XXLF3)
    i have created a super used and downloaded the Link2SD app and linked most of the apps (i have a 8GB card with 2 GB as Ext2). The following apps are little bigger- Touchdown for email (117 MB0 Facebook (20 MB) and rest are system apps etc.
    Now even after linking these two apps in fact i moved FB to SD card, my memory still keeps showing low. Can you please help in this and let me know where the problem could be? The link 2 SD app storage shows the following;
    1) Internal (14% free)
    2) SD card (99% free)
    3) SD cad 2nd Partition (94% free)
    40 System (6% free)
    5) Cache (99% free)
    And after rooting the phone and doing all of the above my battery life has gone down considerably :-(
    I need your expert help!
  6. MoHacKings

    MoHacKings New Member

    Hello. What happened is you're not properly linking them. One thing you nee to know is moving apps to SD isn't helping, where the app data, dalvik cache isn't moved. Another thing is you shouldn't do anything with linked apps by lin2sd from androids default system settings.

    - OK, so you need to format/reset your device and wipe all user data. you can do it from recovery mode, or on-phone reset in system settings.

    - Then re-install link2sd. To link files properly, you need to link them when they are in Phone's memory and NOT from the sd. If you moved an app to SD, move it back to Phone's Storage.

    - Clear all cache which isn't that useful, and it appears that facebook is using alot of cache and data by surfing, these are not important.

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