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  1. howiesheffield

    howiesheffield New Member


    I have just purchased a new network unlock code from a reliable source that I have used before. The instructions state that upon starting up the Desire S with the new sim card in you will be requested to input a Network code, unfortunately there is no prompt as suggested.

    the phone is definitely network locked as the carrier name is blank and the mobile signal is greyed out. So my question is where and how do i enter my unlock code if there is no prompt???

    Please help!


    H ​

  2. HeathMan

    HeathMan New Member

    You need to put in any SIM card which is different to the network it is locked to. You could just borrow someone else's for 5 mins.

    You will then be prompted to input the unlock code when you normally put your PIN in.

    Sorry, ignore the above, I just read you post... properly this time!
  3. Stilflip

    Stilflip New Member


    there is no answer for this problem ?

    I have a similar problem, and I can not use my code ...

    Thank you if someone have a solution ! :D

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