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How to insert a pause in phone number dialingSupport

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  1. catalinu

    catalinu Member

    I jsut bought a XT 860 (stocked rom) and installed the Prefixer app. My goal is: when I chose a contact number, Prefixer will call a predefined number, wait for dial tone, and dial the contact number. I put in Add prefix (on Prefixer) the "5141234567," (without quotes), where 5141234567 is the main number that give me a dial tone. Prefixer intercepts the call to contact and add the prefix (calling to 5141234567,ContactNumber), it calls my but after I receive the dial tone from my main phone number it doesn't dial the contact number.
    The same settings I use on my Galaxy S for 1 year now and it work very well.

    I tried to insert 10 commas (to give more wait time) but nothing changed. Even if I direct dial (from stock dialer) MyServerNumber,ContactNumber it dial only MyServerNumber and I get the dial tone and nothing more. I also tried to put it in the contact number but nothing. I also used the "Insert pause" instead of "," and nothing changed.
    Sure the same problem happens if I try to insert an extension or a PIN after a phone number.
    Any idea?

  2. FandroidGal

    FandroidGal New Member

    Not sure if this can help but a friend uses "BetaMax Dialer".

    I have no connection with this software or "that" company.
  3. catalinu

    catalinu Member

    Didn't work. Actually it is a strange behavior. If I put a Bell SIM it works like a charm with many prefixer applications. If I put a Telus it doesn't work. It dials the prefix number, get the dial tone, but no second number send (I can't hear the DTFM tones for the second number). I saw a strange difference between Bell and Telus SIMs. With the Bell, the dialer keeps on front of the screen between the first dial and the second dial. With Telus, after a call is placed (the first number) the dialer goes in the background (disappears from the screen) and re-appears after 2-3 seconds in the foreground. This action probable is responsible for making all the prefixers useless. I don't know the Android applications architecture, but I suppose that the prefixers have difficulties to send back to the dialer the second number because of the top-back-top switch... But I can't realize how the dialer can behave different on different SIMs... Can the operator control this?
  4. SteveHebe

    SteveHebe Member

    I have seen posted in other topic, you may want to try and app called prefixer

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