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  1. ray127

    ray127 New Member

    i am on iphone 4 and recently bought a samsung galaxy note. i inserted my micro sim into its adapter and taped the top surface. when i inserted it into the galaxy note, the phone couldnt detect the carrier and when tried removing it, the tiny copper strip from the compartment came off. ? i tried to talk to my service provider, they dont have the older type of sim card, they can only provide me the new sim card which u can choose to retain the bigger size or break it into micro sim. But the problem with it is that, there are small gaps between the compartments of the sim card and i heard it can destroy the phone too.any suggestions on what i can do?

  2. babudynamic

    babudynamic New Member

    Wait for iphone 5.

    these guys do not have a good experience.

    I have lost my phone in 4 day I just remove the sim and place a new sim the copper strip came out instantly and understood the peaks of my stupidity in purchasing galaxy note.

    Samsung should replace this free of cost or never in my life leave IPHONE of apple which is very stable

  3. someguy43210

    someguy43210 Well-Known Member

    I broke the gold pin in my other Samsung sim slot due to using on of these microsim adaptor.


    The problem with the Samsung is the gold pins are teeth that sticks out, unlike some Nokia which is more like a bump which you can't pull on. Also it uses sliding slot which increases the risk, but I think all devices uses sliding slots now for slimness.

    The problem is sim slot is almost not sold on ebay at all so you have to pay Samsung to replace it. It costed me $75.

    What I did this time is tape the edges where the microsim and the adapter meets so it's smooth when you pull it out, except it'll be really bad if the tape gets stuck to the pins.
  4. soouthernrose

    soouthernrose New Member

    i cant get my phone to detect my sim card why
  5. phredog

    phredog Well-Known Member

    I travel a lot and often buy local SIM cards. I own for different phones, and two iPads. Three use mini SIM, one uses a micro, and two use a nano SIM. I swap SIM cards a lot. I have never encountered this problem.

    Sorry to hear that you broke you SIM connector. In the future avoid cheap adapters. You will have to take you GN in for service.
  6. mobi323

    mobi323 Active Member

    Be careful who you get to replace the sim tray on your note. If it is the type that needs a new tray soldered on to the motherboard the heating process can stuff the motherboard if it is not done properly.

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