[How-To] Install a Custom Recovery, Install a Custom Kernel or ROM and change Boot Animation

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  1. yogi-4

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    [FONT=&quot]This ‘How to’ was created for ‘nuub’s’ by ‘nuub’s’ (or newbie’s (potato/potahto)) in order to simplify the flashing process using the program ROMTools by mmmark111. This process is so you don’t have to use any command line prompts. Even though this is a step by step instruction set, please read the stickies and the orginal post by mmmark111 (here) as well as this post in its entirety as you will have a better understanding on what you are doing to your phone. [/FONT]
    This method will work on Android 2.2.1. If you have Android 2.2.2, you cannot use this method as it uses an exploit that is not compatible with your phone. Whyzor has a 'How To' here that shows you how to use gingerbreak to root your phone. Keep in mind, using that method you may get it on the first try or it may take you 15 tries. Just keep trying... it'll work!!

    [FONT=&quot]This guide is for ‘nuub’s’ who want to flash a custom recovery and flash a new ROM. (The boot animation 'how to' is at the bottom of the page.) The only thing you would need is a ROM of your choice and Google apps (gapps) which is required if your going to use a Gingerbread ROM. You can get the needed ROM’s here, and the latest IHO ROM's here (recommended). I personally use either the BACKSide ROM from JerryScript or BobZhome which are Gingerbread ROMs. You can get those here. Please give the Dev’s (developers) of the programs you are using now and in the future the credit they deserve. That “thanks” button at the bottom of their posts and in some cases the “Donate” button means a lot to them. They put in a lot of hard (and unpaid) work so we can have a better than stock phone. [/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Standard Disclaimer: What you are about to do may semi-brick your phone!!! This will also void your phones warranty!! Please read and understand everything before you proceed!! If you don’t, you may have an expensive Hockey Puck!!

    >> Rom Manager is not completely compatible with the Optimus V and might cause boot looping when trying to install ClockworkMod Recovery from it. Xionia recovery is the only recovery that has the option to fix the boot looping should it occur. [/FONT]
    Update: I've been told that Rom Manager is now compatible to flash the recovery to our 'V'. It is still NOT compatible to flash a ROM to our 'V'.


    [FONT=&quot]Things you will need:[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]A: ROMTools. Please read his sticky so you know what to expect and to download it. It will install the needed LG drivers for Windows and includes Xionia_cwma custom recovery. [/FONT]
    B: ROM. You can get the one of your choice here. Froyo ROMs are based on the Android 2.2 which comes with your phone. Gingerbread ROMs are based on the Android 2.3 and up and is the latest and greatest. The IHO ROM's are recommended for our 'V'. Do not unzip any ROM!![/FONT]

    C: gapps. This is the Google applications. You can get it here. The 8/28/11 is the latest one. I highly recommend getting a Gmail account. When you flash a new ROM, your contacts are gone. When you sign into Google after flashing, it will restore your contacts!![/FONT]

    1. [FONT=&quot]Battery fully charged.[/FONT]
    2. [FONT=&quot]Back up individual apps using programs like ‘titanium backup’.[/FONT]
    3. [FONT=&quot]Turn on USB debugging, >Menu button> Applications> Development.[/FONT]
    4. [FONT=&quot]Go to the folder where you unzipped ROMTools. [/FONT]
    5. [FONT=&quot]Rename ‘recovery’ to ‘vrecovery’.[/FONT]
    6. [FONT=&quot]Double click ‘ROMTools.exe’.[/FONT]
    7. [FONT=&quot]Select #2 “Flash Recovery to Phone” by typing 2 then press ‘enter’ (the numbers will appear at the bottom of the window)[/FONT]
    8. [FONT=&quot]Select #1 “LG Optimus V” then ‘enter’[/FONT]
    9. [FONT=&quot]Select #1, “Drivers, Root and Flash Recovery” then ‘enter’.[/FONT]
    10. [FONT=&quot]Make sure the phone is unplugged from computer then press “any key” for ROMTools to start installing the drivers needed for windows. It will install a total of 3 driver packages. Between installation of packages, there may be a long pause (15 to 30 seconds or more). Be patient. Installation may take a few minutes depending upon your computer.[/FONT]
    11. [FONT=&quot]Once they are done installing, press “Any key” again to start the SuperOneClick program. This program enables ROMTools temporary ‘Root’ privileges needed to flash the recovery. At this point plug your phone back in. Now Windows will recognize the phone and may continue to install ‘Necessary software’. When windows is done with that, press the “Shell Root” button. Do not press the “Root” button!! This may take a few moments for it to complete. When it’s finished, a small ‘ok’ window will pop up. Click ‘ok’ but don’t exit out of SuperOneClick. [/FONT]
    12. [FONT=&quot]From this point, ROMTools will check to see if it has temporary root privileges. Press “any key” and a new window will pop up. Give it a moment and if you see a “#” sign on the third line, we are good. A “$” means you are not rooted. If there’s a “#”, you can exit out of that window and SuperOneClick. If not, then press the “Shell Root” button again. [/FONT]
    13. [FONT=&quot]After pressing “any key” again, it will now start to flash the new recovery to the phone. It only takes a few seconds. Once done, it will reboot the phone into your new recovery. Once there, you should be presented with 8 options. A stock recovery only has 4 options. Pressing “any key” in ROMTools will put you back at the main menu. [/FONT]
    14. [FONT=&quot]At this point you must make a backup. This is to insure that if there is ever a problem, you can restore your phone exactly how it is at this moment. All your apps, contacts… everything. To do this, using the volume down or up buttons, move down to “backup and restore”. Press the “home” key. That “should” be the select key. If not then try the “menu” or the side “camera” keys. Then select “backup”. The screen will go black and it will show the progress of the backup. It may take several moments for this to take place. Be patient. Once done it will say “Backup Complete!”. [/FONT]
    15. [FONT=&quot]Select “Reboot system now”[/FONT]
    16. [FONT=&quot]Once it reboots, pull down the status bar and select “USB Connected”, then “Turn on USB storage” and hit “OK”. Now we can move files to and from the phone. [/FONT]
    17. [FONT=&quot]On your computer, open Windows Explorer. Now we just want to move the Kernel or the ROM zip file that you want and the “gapps” zip file (if needed) to the sd card. In windows explorer, my phone is listed as “Removable Disk (D)”. I just drag and drop the files there. They are not supposed to be in any folder. [/FONT]
    18. [FONT=&quot]Once they are there, comfirm they are there by clicking on example: “Removable Disk (D)” or whatever it is on your computer. The files should be way at the bottom. Once verified unplug the phone and shut it off.[/FONT]
    19. [FONT=&quot]Once the phone is off, at the same time, press the home, volume down button and the power button and keep holding until the “lg” logo appears. (I personally hold them until the ‘lg’ logo disappears). Now you should be back into your newly installed recovery. [/FONT]
    20. [FONT=&quot]Move down and select ‘Wipe cache partition’. You will come to a confirm page. Scroll down to and select ‘Yes – Wipe Cache’.[/FONT]
    21. [FONT=&quot]Move down and select ‘Advanced’ then select ‘Wipe Dalvik Cache’. Again, you will come to a confirm page. Scroll down to and select ‘Yes – Wipe Dalvik Cache’[/FONT]
    22. [FONT=&quot]Hit your ‘back button, then go down to ‘wipe data/factory reset’. Scroll down and select ‘Yes’[/FONT]
    23. [FONT=&quot]Then go down to and select ‘mounts and storage’[/FONT]
    24. [FONT=&quot]Go down and select ‘format boot’. Again scroll down and select ‘yes’. It is recommended to do this 2 or 3 times when you’re using the Xionia recovery. [/FONT]
    25. [FONT=&quot]Do the same for ‘format system’, ‘format data’ and ‘format cache’.[/FONT]
    26. [FONT=&quot]Hit the back button and go down to and select ‘install zip from sdcard’.[/FONT]
    27. [FONT=&quot]Then select ‘choose zip from sdcard’.[/FONT]
    28. [FONT=&quot]Hit your ‘volume up’ button and that will bring you to the bottom of the list where you will see the files you moved over earlier.[/FONT]
    29. [FONT=&quot]Select the rom you chose and again select ‘yes’. After that, it will take some time (a minute or two) for it to extract, verify and install the rom. [/FONT]
    30. [FONT=&quot]Once that is complete, if your installing a Gingerbread ROM select the ‘gapps’ file and again select ‘yes’. [/FONT]
    31. [FONT=&quot]Then go to the first page of the recovery (back button) and select ‘reboot system now’.[/FONT]
    32. [FONT=&quot]If all went correctly, you should be booting into your new ROM!! The first boot after flashing a new ROM will always take a little longer. Once it boots, Google apps will ask you to create or sign in. I suggest skipping that part and let the phone load completely. Select ‘Market’ once the phone loads and Google will ask you again to sign in. [/FONT]
    33. [FONT=&quot]Once signed in, download titanium backup (or whatever app you used to backup) and restore your apps. Do not restore ‘system apps’. [/FONT]
    If you decide to install a different ROM in the future, you don’t have to use ROMTools. All you have to do is connect your phone to your computer, turn on ‘USB Mass Storage’ and move the new ROM onto the sd card just like in step 17.[/FONT]


    [FONT=&quot]If you are just installing a Kernel or updating to a newer version of the same ROM, all you need to do is wipe the cache partition and the Delvik cache then proceed to step 25.[/FONT] A Kernel can be flashed over a supported ROM much like flashing a theme (all you have to do is wipe cache partition, and Dalvik cache). Many gamers like pickasticks because it allows them to overclock the stock ROM.

    If you want to restore a backup, all you have to do is go back into recovery, go down to 'backup and restore', then select 'Restore'. You will be shown all your backups that you made in recovery. They will be named in a date format ie. 2011-07- Select the backup you want and it will restore your phone exactly how it was at that time.
    :D Keep in mind that a typical backup is around 450 megs. So if you want to keep a few backups, you'll need a bigger sd card. I recommend at least an 8 gig class 4 card (the higher the class #, the faster the card is).

    [FONT=&quot]Trouble shooting:[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot] After flashing the ROM and ‘gapps’ and phone is rebooting but gets stuck on the ‘LG’ logo or the boot animation, try pulling the battery and restart the phone. If not, repeats steps 19 thru 29. [/FONT]
    If you’re upgrading to a new version of the same ROM, you do not have to ‘format data’ or 'wipe data/factory reset'. That way all your apps and settings will be saved. But you must ‘format data’ and 'wipe data/factory reset' if your flashing a different ROM. [/FONT]

    Rebooting a few times after flashing and installing your apps should cure some hesitations and slow downs if your experiencing them. Also, I recommend waiting to flash themes such as the 'Green Theme' from JerryScript until you have rebooted the phone a few times. [/FONT]


    [FONT=&quot]Installing a different boot animation[/FONT][FONT=&quot]:[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot] If you want to change your boot animation all you have to do is find the one you want. Rename it ‘bootanimation’ and put it in the bootanimation folder in ROMTools. Then press option 7 in ROMTools and of course hit “any key” and it will flash (push) it over to your phone. That’s it!! Or you could get an app called 'BAC lite' from the market. It's free and comes with several free animations. [/FONT]


    [FONT=&quot]Please if anyone has suggestions for this how to, please let me know and I will update accordingly. I tried to write this in the most simplified way possible. I can’t account for all contingencies; it can’t get much simpler than this, but if you have a problem, please feel free to ask. The great people in this forum will gladly help.

    And a very big thanks goes to AndyOpie150 for helping me with the polishing of this how to and for making me do it. He is one knowledgeable and trustworthy dude!!

    On a personal note... I read and read until I was comfortable in flashing a ROM. I've only been on the flashing scene for a month but am very comfortable in doing it now. It is well worth delving into. Your phone will never be the same!! (in a good way) :D

  2. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    Way to go yogi-4, After reading this thread I can truly say that this is a TRUE "NUUB" PROOF way to use ROMTools to help install a custom recovery,Kernel,ROM, and Boot animation. I appreciate all the hard work it took for you to make this thread.
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  3. yogi-4

    yogi-4 Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I just remember my mind a total whirl wind reading on how to flash a ROM. Then I seen a post that kinda outlined what they did in a step by step method. I was so thankful for that. That gave me the idea for the structure of this how to. Hopefully it will help out someone who is new to modding and make them more comfortable doing it.
  4. mkbkr1

    mkbkr1 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums, thenilo!

    I'll report your query to a Moderator so that it can be moved to the HTC Desire support area for you.
  5. Anamacha

    Anamacha Well-Known Member

    I have already perma-rooted my phone, and I've already installed Xionia Recovery CWMA 1.2518.4. Do I still need to install and use ROMtools? It seems similar, if a bit more full-featured.

    If I do need to go ahead and install ROMtools, then can I just do it over the top of the Xionia I already have?
  6. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    Now that you have Xionia recovery you just have to put the ROM.zip on the root of the sd card(somewhere near the bottom of the list of file folders).(never use the phones reset in the privacy menu).Do steps #17 to the end. Keeping in mind #14(if you pick the wrong button and the screen goes blank just press it again and then select the other one button). Rule of thumb for recoverys: xionia is best for Froyo based ROM's and ClockWorkMod v3.2.0.1(not3.2.0)which can be found in ROM Manager V4.3.2.4,which can be found in the new market,is best for all CM7-Gingerbread ROM's. The best supported ROM's(updated every now and again) for Xionia recovery are the Harmonia 1.3,and Bumblebee 2.4... Harmonia gives the most app space. Bumblebee can be overclocked safely to 787Hz-480Hz(this makes angry birds play like it was on an "I Phone") Hope you enjoy you new ROM,whatever you choose. You will find that flashing a ROM is so easy,that you might want to try more. Just keep in mind to always backup you ROM before you do anything else.
  7. Anamacha

    Anamacha Well-Known Member

    a few more questions before I begin:

    - will the installation of a new ROM affect the perma-root that I have now? IOW will I need to re-root after I do this?

    - so I should rename the "Harmonia 1.3.zip" file I have to "ROM.zip", put it on the root level of the SD card and then reboot?

    - what should I do with the "Harmonia_1.3.1_patch.zip" file? How do I apply that?

    - and the "gapps-gb-20110613-signed.zip" file -- rename that to "gapps.zip", drop it on the root level, and then reboot? Should I do this after I install the ROM or can I do it at the same time?

    thanks (again)
  8. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    You only need the gapps(google apps) For CM7-Gingerbread ROM's. You don't need them on the Froyo based ROM's. Leslie Ann trimmed all the fat from Harmonia 1.3(Froyo based ROM) so you could download just what you needed. You don't need to rename it when it's already on your sd card(just when your trying to push,or flash it from your PC with ROMTools). When your rooted, your rooted until you start uninstalling things like Busybox and su,and superuser app...Go to step #16 and go till the end. Unless the Harmonia zip and the patch zip are already on the root of the sd card, then go to last part of step #18 and follow to the end. You need to install the ROM. Then reboot. Set every thing up the way you want it to look. Then reboot a couple of times. Then go to your recovery and make a backup of that ROM(If you don't have a whole lot of room on your sd card, then you can delete the first backup after you have made a backup of the new ROM). Then wipe cache partition and Dalvik cache. Install the patch zip like you did the ROM. Reboot. Check it out for a couple of days and if you like every thing then go into recovery and make a backup of that. You can then delete the unpatched ROM backup if you want to
  9. J_Morris1991

    J_Morris1991 New Member

    My phone is looping into ClockworkMod Recovery v3.2.0.1 every time I boot my phone. I accidentally formatted my SD Card and wiped my original backup, but the problem that I can't seem to resolve is that no matter what method I try, and I've tried many, my phone boots into the Clockwork. Even if I successfully flash a rom, kernel, and my stock recovery. The only error that has occurred at all is when I try to either format or mount /sd-ext. Can someone please help me it would be much appreciated, I have tried everything I can find on the internet that I know how to do.
  10. J_Morris1991

    J_Morris1991 New Member

    My device is an Lg Optimus V and I've already called my provider and I don't have a warranty to cover a new phone.
  11. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

  12. mickey1999

    mickey1999 Member

    I want to install ClockWorkMod v3.2.0.1 on my optimus v. I have thunderc fastboot now. I downloaded Rom Manager (clockworkmod) from the market. I opened rom manager and click on recovery then optimus v and it installed now when I go into recovery i get a list of options. I tried to click on install from sd when I hit the go button in goes to a screen with a hat on it and then freezes. I let it run for 10 mins and still nothing. I had to go back to thunderc recovery.
  13. yogi-4

    yogi-4 Well-Known Member

    yeah, same thing here. That's why I stick with Xionia. I even tried Blarf's new recovery. Same thing.
  14. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    The select button on ClockWorkMod recovery's is the camera button. If you accidentally hit the wrong button,hit it again and your back in the menu.
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  15. mickey1999

    mickey1999 Member

    Thank you .. I got it working now with the BACKside ROM.. someone should put that you have to use the camera button in a sticky
  16. AndyOpie150

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    Read step #14 ^^^
  17. unknownsoldi

    unknownsoldi Well-Known Member

    On step 11, "[FONT=&quot]Click &#8216;ok&#8217; but don&#8217;t exit out of SuperOneClick.".

    ROMtools would not continue unless I closed SuperOneClick. Also, it does not say when to disable debugging mode. I could not copy files to the SD unless I disabled debugging.

    I followed the instructions to the T, but I have no market app listed in the app drawer. It's listed under manage applications, but I don't know how to run it.

    EDIT: I had to add my Google account, afterwards it asked me what Google apps to install, then it took me to the market. Now I have the Market link in my app drawer.
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  18. AndyOpie150

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  19. BillCatt666

    BillCatt666 Member

    i see no step #'s. i try to count them out and am never sure if i got it right.
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  20. yogi-4

    yogi-4 Well-Known Member

    [FONT=&quot]"At this point you must make a backup. This is to insure that if there is ever a problem, you can restore your phone exactly how it is at this moment. All your apps, contacts&#8230; everything. To do this, using the volume down or up buttons, move down to &#8220;backup and restore&#8221;. Press the &#8220;home&#8221; key. That &#8220;should&#8221; be the select key. If not then try the &#8220;menu&#8221; or the side &#8220;camera&#8221; keys. Then select &#8220;backup&#8221;. The screen will go black and it will show the progress of the backup. It may take several moments for this to take place. Be patient. Once done it will say &#8220;Backup Complete!&#8221;."

    That is step 14. Not sure why your not seeing the step #'s. Hope that helps.
  21. akshaybz

    akshaybz Well-Known Member

    Yeah (Sorry posted something else :p )
  22. sushifor5

    sushifor5 Well-Known Member

    How would all this work when using a mac rather than a Windows pc?
  23. Shobie2000

    Shobie2000 Member

    Move along, nothing to see! :rolleyes:
  24. yogi-4

    yogi-4 Well-Known Member

    Shobie2000, We are still here to help no matter what kinda question you may have. (Someone else may be thinking the same thing) ;)
  25. sushifor5

    sushifor5 Well-Known Member

    OK, sorry...is it because that was a dumb question or b/c macs are disliked here? I was just asking b/c the instructions say:

    "It will install the needed LG drivers for Windows and includes Xionia_cwma custom recovery. "

    I don't have windows and I don't know if I can do this process on a mac. that's why i asked...sorry if it was irritating! i'm beyond "newbie," truly! LOL

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