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How to install apk file from SD Card to my phoneSupport

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  1. aamirjani4u

    aamirjani4u Member


    hope all you are fine and good. i bought a new HTC explorer recently and have many problems.

    1. i download astro file manager.apk file from net and copy it into SD Card But i can not access it on my Mobile phone. i want to install .apk file.

    2. when i use wifie internet and open htc hub from my mobile it ask login name and password. i enter my gmail login and password and click next then it ask my phone no. when i entered phone no then message shows Phone no is not Valid. i enter my phone no in this format i.e +923455124589.

    Please help me thanks

  2. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    You'd use any file manager on your phone to install the .apk file.
    So I take it that you haven't one on your phone.

    For to install the .apk file, open the phone's bowser which you have used to download the .apk file, go to menu and Download. Tap on the .apk file name and the install process should be starting.

    Make sure that you have already ticked the box in > Settings > Applications or Security > Unknown sources.

    If you have downloaded the .apk file on PC and moved to the SD card you could try this line in the text box of your phone's browser ...

    file:///sdcard/your .apk file name
    (... yes, three "/" :) )

    EDIT: ... assuming that your apk file is in the root of SD card.
    But you can put in any other folder path.

    Good luck :)
    ... and may I ask why you don't use the Google Play Store for installing apps on your phone?

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  3. aamirjani4u

    aamirjani4u Member

    thanks Harry
    when i go to menu and download then No Downloads message appear.
    when i click on Option Menu then no action occur.

    Yes i download .apk file from computer and move it into my SD card by Data Cable.

    Please tell where i can found text box of My phones browser that i could write this line
    file:///sdcard/your .apk file name
    (... yes, three "/" :) )
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  4. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    With text box I meant the internet browser's address field where you usually write the URL of an internet site.
    Instead of http:// you have to write file:///

    Sorry for my clumsy expression :)

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  5. aamirjani4u

    aamirjani4u Member

    No Problem Harry carry on

    and when i write on internet browser's address file:///Mob/astro.apk
    message come the request file was not found /mob/astro.apk no such file or directory

    and how can you use htc hub.
  6. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    1. Try file:///sdcard/Mob/astro.apk :)
    I take it that Mob is the folder on the SD card which contains the .apk file, is that right?

    2. HTC Hub, I'd try "00" instead "+"
    ... or without country code at all.

  7. aamirjani4u

    aamirjani4u Member

    Mob is my SD Card Name and file .apk is in root.

    and HTC Hub yes 00 is correct format thanks.
  8. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    Mob as name of the SD card?
    On all of my HTC phones the SD card is named sdcard.
    Maybe your PC made-up this name ;)

    Maybe you'd try file:///sdcard/astro.apk :)

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  9. aamirjani4u

    aamirjani4u Member

    thanks Harry i have solve my problem :)
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  10. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    I'm glad that this run on your browser's address field, thanks for the feedback :)

  11. aamirjani4u

    aamirjani4u Member

    not in browser but i have found. :)
  12. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

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