How to install .apk if there is no Market Place installed

  1. Raza_Ali

    Raza_Ali Member

    If an Android 2.2 Tablet doesnt have the Android market Place then is there any simple method to install various third party android .apk files directly from the webpage to the Internet Tablet

  2. Mobilez6600

    Mobilez6600 New Member

    You can get a file manager apk from a PC (by wifi or bluetooth) or from Internet.

    Then, you can put other apk into SDCard and navigate with file manager into the folder where you put apk.

    Open apks and enjoy! :)
  3. Raza_Ali

    Raza_Ali Member

    My problem is that google android market place is not installed. So there is no way to install app installer or a File manager like Astro. Now what to do in this case. If I find an .apk file can it be installed without any file manager directly from the internet

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