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How to install custom ROM on Optimus V 2.2.2?

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  1. fieryfennix

    fieryfennix Active Member

    I've managed to root 2.2.2, but cannot install aospcmod rom using Romtools, as I did with my first Optimus V, which was 2.2.1. Even though it's rooted, when romtools activates superoneclick and attempts to flash, it won't work. When I tell it to root, the prompt comes back $ instead of #. Any ideas? :confused:

  2. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    What method did you use to root.
    Plus you can not use the Root selection. ROMTools Is designed to be used with the Shell Root selection. For a really good tutorial on how to use all the functions of ROMTools go here http://androidforums.com/optimus-v-all-things-root/383086-how-install-custom-recovery-install-custom-kernel-rom-change-boot-animation.html

    aospCmod is a dead ROM and many functions have never worked(BlueTooth,mms,etc.) if you want a Gingerbread ROM that has all the functions working and are constantly being improved go here https://github.com/inferiorhumanorgans/android_device_lge_thunderc/wiki/Binary

    If you have a phone with android version 2.2.2 then there is a very good chance you have an Optimus "V" with an "S" screen. The BACKside ROM and The IHO-Purity-X (Xionia kernel) will work for sure with the "S" screen as well as the "V" screen. The suggested recovery for these ROM's can be found at the Github site or the BACKside site. The most stable recovery that does the best job wiping is the aospCwMod recovery.
    I do not know for sure if the other ROM's work with the "S" screen or not.
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  3. fieryfennix

    fieryfennix Active Member

    Awesome, thanks. Think I used Gingerbreak. Ok...there's 6 diff roms for the V there. Anywhere I can get specs or pros/cons on them? If I'm running a "dead" rom on my V I might wanna look into another...
  4. yogi-4

    yogi-4 Well-Known Member

    I agree you need to look into a new ROM. You stated you rooted your 2.2.2, you do not need to use superoneclick anymore. You need to flash a new recovery. You can do that with Rom Tools using option #2. Make sure you rename the recovery to 'vrecovery'. My opinion is for you to flash the recovery then flash any ROM like BackSide or BobZhome. When you flash the ROM, I would not use the Rom Tools program to flash it. Go here for a tut to do it differently or check out my 'How To' in my signature. Then you can try each for a day or three and then try something else. That's the whole fun part of it!! ;)
  5. fieryfennix

    fieryfennix Active Member

    I got this whole operation to work on my first V (2.2.1). RomTools will not work. When I try to flash recovery, it starts doing its thing, but the phone does not respond, does not reboot. When I try to "obtain root then flash", the $ sign comes up on the command prompt instead of #, indicating the phone is not rooted. It is. Titanium Backup runs, proving that. So lost.....
  6. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    Put the recovery(rename the recovery to recovery.img) and flash_image(unzipped) on the root of your sd card then go to the Market and download a terminal emulator. Open it up and type in su. If your rooted you will get a window from Superuser asking to allow or deny,and you should have a # next to the su. If you get a $ your not rooted. If you got a # then type in all this:
    cat_/sdcard/flash_image_>_ /system/bin/flash_image(return)

    The red underscores are where the spaces should be, do not type them.
    (return)=do not type this. Just hit the enter key(the one on the bottom right)

    6. You should now be in your recovery. To scroll use the up/down volume keys. To select use the camera key if you flashed the asopCWMod recovery, or either the menu key or the home key if you flashed xionia recovery(if you choose one and it makes the screen go blank just hit it again and then use the other). This first thing(and most important) you need to do is go to the backup and restore section and select backup(this will make a backup of your current system in case you make a mistake with the ROM install).

    7. Now you need to do all these things(this must be done when installing a new ROM or restoring a backup)
    1.wipe cache partition.
    2.wipe dalvik cache(advanced section)
    3.wipe data/factory reset.Now that your rooted YOU MUST NEVER USE THE FACTORY RESET IN THE PRIVACY MENU ON THE PHONE
    4.format boot,system,data,and cache
    5.go to install zip from sd card
    6.go to select zip from sd card,chose the ROM first. It will go thru the install procedure. When done go back to step 6. and select the gapps.
    When all this is done select reboot system now.

    It will take 5-10min.for the initial reboot. If you installed a Gingerbread ROM You will be asked to sign in,skip this.

    Now you can go to the market app and click on it and sign in to your google account(you must have your e-mail address and log in code).Reboot the phone twice then set up your apps. Once you get everything set up just the way you like it and all your apps are just where you want them,go back into your recovery and make a backup of that ROM. You can now delete the first backup if you need to (you might keep it if you ever need to revert back to stock to sell the phone).

    If you want to install a theme all you have to do is go into the recovery and wipe cache partition and dalvik cache,then do the same thing you did to install the ROM(theme must remain zipped)
    When you need to install an update to an installed ROM,all you have to do is wipe cache,and dalvik.
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  7. fieryfennix

    fieryfennix Active Member

    Awesome, thanks. Appears to have worked, except that upon reboot I've been stuck on the LG screen for 30m now. I'm afraid to manually reboot it. Help??

    UPDATE: Nevermind, must have been a bad flash. Rebooted into recovery and reflashed, everything works like a dream. THANKS!!!

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