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how to install downloaded .apk file?

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  1. fidget

    fidget Member

    new(ish) to Android. Two related questions:

    1. a newer version of Swype is available 1.56. I've downloaded the .apk file. How do I install an .apk file once I've copied it onto my SD card?

    2. is there any way to uninstall the version of Swype that came preinstalled on the MTS. Under managing apps, I can't uninstall like apps I installed from Market. Apparently uinstalling previous versions is a pre-req.

    thanks in advance

  2. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

    Do a market search for "apk manager" download it, open it, follow the instructions. The new releases of Swype that come out are betas though and may not be as stable, or valid as long as the one on your Slide. Not to mention the Slide's Swype is sexy black and the beta is gray and navy blue.

    And you can not delete your current swype....... atleast not without root.
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  3. RavenWulf

    RavenWulf Well-Known Member

    another real nice option is Astro File Manager... it gives you full access to your SD card (instead only being able to access pics or sound files while using the "right" apps) and has a built in "app manager" for installing any apps you download from the net either through your phone or on you computer and placed on your card using your usb cable.
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  4. Android Amateur

    Android Amateur Well-Known Member

    I like his idea. I use Astro File Manager too and the app manager installs them perfectly! Just go through your files in the Manager and click on the .apk file you downloaded and hit App Manager button. The rest is easy.
  5. RazoE

    RazoE Well-Known Member

    I love Astro, I use it for everything..

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