General How To Install Google Apps (GAPPS) on Mid9742

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    Apr 8, 2012
    NOTE: I don't have the MID9742 Tablet Yet. So these tips are based in fixes that worked on other earlier Coby Kyros Tablets:

    THIS IS THE OLD METHOD FOR INSTALLING GAPPS ON UN-ROOTED COBY: This worked perfectly on my older MID7127 tablet. However, some have Reported That The Market App does not work after installation on the MID9742. Give it a try. Follow instructions carefully.

    Download Gapps Bundle from here: Gapps Bundle (7MB)
    Follow the Video insrtuctions posted by the daprospecta on YouTube: INSTALL ALL THE APPS.
    How install android market on coby Kyros 7022 - YouTube
    **** If you get the Google Framework Stopped error --
    go to Settings> Accounts and Sync. Side to turn Auto OFF Sync.
    go to Settings > Applications > All.
    Click Calendar - > Force Stop > Clear Data - Clear Cache
    Same for Calendar Storage, Google-services Framework, Gmail, Market Feedback, Market Updater, Restart - Login To Gmail -- Restart Again. Then Try Market
    ANOTHER SUGGESTION: Follow DaProspecta's instructions. BUT use the Latest Gapps App Bundle (ice cream sandwich app bundle) (dated April 29, 2012.) - Worth A Try. INSTALL ALL THE APPS. -Gapps App Bundle(dated April 29, 2012 (40MB) (gapps found in the - \system\app\ sub-folder



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    Jun 10, 2012
    Might this work on the new MID1042-8? I don't see a forum for that device but it seems like the closest match.

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