How to install leaked 2.1 on Cliq without rooting

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  1. taemobig

    taemobig New Member

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  2. cguilford

    cguilford Member

    I have done this and it works! Per what they said though everything works but your motoblur account you have to create a new one as it's on a different server. So if you don't have your contacts synced elsewhere you will loose them.
  3. croan

    croan New Member

    will it work on 1.....20orange im stuck on it thanks to unlockr....and im already running higher than what ya saying in vid..1.5android
  4. spyderman

    spyderman Well-Known Member

    Works awesome... Just loaded on wife's phone...
  5. clucero

    clucero New Member

    I cant' get RSD Lite to see my phone...any ideas?
  6. spyderman

    spyderman Well-Known Member

    having issues connecting to WiFi... Anyone else having this problem?
  7. xterra89

    xterra89 New Member

    i cant get rsd lite to recognize my phone please help!!!
  8. spyderman

    spyderman Well-Known Member

    Problem fixed... It was my mistake, nothing to do with the upgrade... All is working normal.
  9. spyderman

    spyderman Well-Known Member

    Have you looked at the FAQ on the youtube video?

    Hope this helps... I had no issues on Win XP...

    YouTube - How To Get MotoBlur 2.1 On An Unrooted Motorola Cliq!


    Q: Help! My computer doesn't recognize my phone!
    A1: If you're running windows vista or XP try running it as administrator in Windows XP compatibility mode
    A2: Unplug your phone. Turn it off. Turn it back on by holding the Menu and Power buttons at the same time until you see the blue screen. Then plug it in and try again.

    Q: Can I do this if I'm rooted?
    A: NO, this is for unrooted phones only!

    Q: Will this root my phone?
    A: No!

    Q: I only have a mac, how can I do this?
    A: You will need to use bootcamp to set up a Windows partition on your mac

    Q: Does this include live wallpapers?
    A: No, stock blur will never include live wallpapers unless it is a rooted build

    Q: I received an over the air update, should I install it?
    A: I wouldn't recommend installing it unless you know what it does, but thats up to you

    Q: I'm running 2.1 now, but I want to go back to 1.5, HELP!
    A: Do the same as in the video, but instead of flashing the 2.1 sbf, flash this file ModMyMobile Forums - Downloads - 1.4.8 - T-Mobile US

    Q: I flashed 2.1 and everything is great, but I can't mount my sdcard?!
    A: Unplug your phone, reboot it, plug it back in and you should be able to mount it (Thanks rccb3!)

    Q: If I upgrade to this now will I be able to get the official 2.1 update?
    A: You will be able to get it, but you might have to downgrade to 1.4.8 before updating.

    Q: RSD Lite can't find the sbf file, what am I doing wrong?
    A: Make sure you unzipped it from the zip file

    Don't see your problem here? Post a comment and I will reply!

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  10. yaobling

    yaobling Member

    seems to be working great for me. only thing is...wasnt there suppose to be multitouch in 2.1??
  11. spyderman

    spyderman Well-Known Member

    I thought the same thing... I guess this version doesnt have it... Who knows if it will come out at all for Cliq... The MyTouch Slide does it...

    My wife wont know the difference... ;)
  12. kcmartz

    kcmartz Well-Known Member

    i tried. never worked. sort of recognized my phone, start button was always greyed tried everything CliqAnDroid suggested. nothing worked. you suck moto!
  13. rok0187

    rok0187 Active Member

    check ya drivers
  14. bernquist

    bernquist Member

    Just installed it, love it!
  15. qlic714

    qlic714 Member

    i tried the video everything worked except when i got to the putting my motoblur wouldnt let me ...saying "The Blur service has indicated it is busy"

    ive tried a new account...old account
    i even stopped by the tmobile store and they couldnt help me
  16. bernquist

    bernquist Member

    Q: I can't create or log into my MotoBlur account!

    1) press the settings button

    2) select the set up cloud icon

    3) select

    4) select ok on motoblur screen

    5) select use existing account

    6) put in all your original information
    (thanks mejussme123!)

    Hopfully that helps!
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  17. qlic714

    qlic714 Member

    dude that worked!! hell yea thnx mann
    that was already selected tho..i just had to reclick it i guess

    thnx again man
  18. dmkjr

    dmkjr Active Member

    I put it on my CLIQ yesterday. It's absolutely awesome. I'm suggesting everyone download it / install it. When T-mobile releases their version (completed) we can alway's re-flash back to Blur 1.4.8 and OTA update.

    **Note**- After this 2.1 flash, I called Motorola, just to mess with them. The guy couldn't figure out how my Firmware version was 2.1-update1. I finally told him, and he wanted the link to the download so bad, I was almost anticipating on him offering some money.

    He stated Motorola is going to push out the update to the carrier's by the end of Q3. I asked what happened to their Q2 release, he had no comments.
  19. rok0187

    rok0187 Active Member

    lol thats funny i put it on my girl phone one wiget wouldnt wrk so she un installed it but i like it a lot
  20. kichoufumetsu

    kichoufumetsu Member

    how to install leaked 2.1 on Cliq without rooting.....we've been doing this for a few months now....what i want to know do i install it and KEEP my root access?
    i upgraded to the leaked 2.1 and lost my wifi tether. isn't possible cause it needs root THAT'S what i want to know, how to keep root with 2.1
  21. echol

    echol New Member

    Been running 2.1 on my cliq for months and have to agree that it is awsome ....just wish there was a way to get the 3d wallpaper...the apps are abailable but seems as if there is no drivers for advanced 3d programing. also would like to see an app for android 2.1 to be able to ptt and connect with nextel phones.
  22. echol

    echol New Member

    I used the rds lite to install it but i know that i had to manualy get my phone into the blue flash screen but after that it worked great...
  23. Zeusrg

    Zeusrg Member

    The video does not show up fir me.
  24. disney_mommy

    disney_mommy Active Member

    Grrr! I downloaded everything, but phone won't show up on RSD. When I get blue screen, it does show up, but only shows the following:

    Technology: N / A
    Software Version: N / A
    Flex Version: N / A
    Bootloader Version: v0x000518
    DRM Version: N / A
    Phone Type: Engineering (E100000000000000000000000000)
  25. TheDerekJay

    TheDerekJay New Member

    As long as you have the latest drivers, disable UAC in Vista/7. Reenable when complete. Will make it much easier!

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