How to install or uprom Android for tablet china

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  1. tu4n

    tu4n New Member

    I'm using tablet run Android 1.5.
    How can i install or up rom Android for my tablet???

    Help me.. please...





  2. mcapozzi

    mcapozzi Well-Known Member

    Without more specs (hardware, make/model), finding a compatible ROM would be nearly impossible.

    ROMs are hardware specific, and I doubt this device is sporting a normal ARM compatible processor.

    You can probably change the default language to English, but I doubt you'll ever see a custom ROM or upgraded OS for this device.

  3. habaching12

    habaching12 New Member

    hi im a newbie i just want to ask of how to install applications from my computer to my ipad android? tnx!
  4. rhinowan

    rhinowan New Member

    how can i install andriod on my china tablet

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