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How to install Sony Bravia Engine for Sony Live With Walkman ( WT19i)Support

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  1. Andima

    Andima Well-Known Member

    I just brought "Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman (WT 19i)". It doesn't have Sony Bravia Engine. So are there any way to install it in my phone?



    HSRBNR Active Member

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  3. Andima

    Andima Well-Known Member


    HSRBNR Active Member

    I haven't installed it yet. Have a look over replies on that page whose link is posted above.
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    HSRBNR Active Member

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    HSRBNR Active Member


    I have installed Sony Bravia engine on my LWW. It does work. Display quality is enhanced greatly especially for videos!
  7. Andima

    Andima Well-Known Member

    But I can't see significant change. :-(

    HSRBNR Active Member

  9. ajmalkhan

    ajmalkhan New Member

    dear friends , how can i get root to my device to install bravia engine ?plz tell me
  10. eLcTrOn

    eLcTrOn Member

  11. ajmalkhan

    ajmalkhan New Member

    dear friend ,

    i was trying to install but it is not working.

    adb push "data/AudioFilterPlatform.csv" /data/local/tmp/AudioFilterPlatform.csv
    adb push "data/AudioFilterProduct.csv" /data/local/tmp/AudioFilterProduct.csv
    adb push "data/install_megabass" /data/local/tmp/install_megabass
    adb shell "chmod 777 /data/local/tmp/install_megabass"
    adb shell "su -c '/data/local/tmp/install_megabass'"
    su: permission denied

    plz explain to me .
  12. eLcTrOn

    eLcTrOn Member

    i'm sorry i don't know what can cause this permission issue
    did u followed all the steps
    - For stock ROM only
    - Rooted phone

    First of all , we have to install NetFrameWork 3.5 to run this program
    Now we have to do exactly 6 steps :
    - Install PC Companion for adb driver installation
    - Enable USB Debugging by going to: Menu \ Settings \ Applications \ Development
    - Enable Install from Unknow sources by going to: Menu \ Settings \ Applications
    - Increase screen timeout over 1 min
    - Connect your phone to your computer via USB connection.
    - Press the button corresponding to install the corresponding features on the phone!
  13. killerwis

    killerwis New Member

    ok im kinda new to this forum.. and mind my quick short words/text..
    i am using a LWW recently upgraded to 4.0.4 with Sony Pc Companion Suit..

    so i had a wild idea and wanted to root my phone today.. to use the BRAVIA engine i heard about in some forums.. so today i tried and fail cuz i miss read it needed android version 2.2/2.3.. lucky noting happened.. so is there something like the above XDA link tat have an Easy rooting toolkit like tat for 4.0.4 or did i did something wrong or miss a file or some sort.. cuz HSRBNR manage to do that..

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