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[How-To] Install SPRecovery on unrooted 2.1 OTA

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  1. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    All of those asking for the root exploit for the 2.1 OTA, or those unsatisfied with 2.1 and wanting to go back can now use this method posted by Droidmod. It is essentially an .sbf file that will install SPRecovery on the OTA update, and eliminates the need to downgrade back to 2.0.1 to get SPRecovery.

    Once you have SPRecovery, you can just flash any new ROM that has superuser permissions. The link is here:

    2.1 SP Recovery SBF - DroidMod

    The post is as follows:


    Attached Files:

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  2. OMJ

    OMJ Bazinga VIP Member

    thats awesome. Fab you should add a link to this in op in now you can live without fear of bricking sticky
  3. ljbaumer

    ljbaumer Well-Known Member

    this won't work if you leaked android 2.1 onto the droid eris right?
  4. OMJ

    OMJ Bazinga VIP Member

    This won't work on an eris at all
  5. ljbaumer

    ljbaumer Well-Known Member

    ugg, thanks anyway though
  6. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!! VIP Member

    Props to the DroidMod team. They may not update their ROM often...they may cause drama while standing on the shoulders of giants :D but they have given us two nice tools that have and will come in very handy for many people!

    Thanks for posting this Fab!
  7. tom108

    tom108 Well-Known Member

  8. gwlaw99

    gwlaw99 Well-Known Member

    Does this mean you can just install a rooted rom like Bugless Beast from recovery without first rooting the phone?
  9. Mazinga

    Mazinga New Member

    I've ran the flash twice now, and my droid still says I'm on 2.1
    At this point I'm a bit puzzled. Does this mean I can just run droidmod updater and root it, or do I need to go back to 2.01 somehow then root it once that's done? Original post @ droidmod is bit unclear as to exactly what this is supposed to do.
  10. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member


    Yes, you will stay at 2.1, and you will not be rooted. What you will have is SPRecovery, which will allow you to load any other ROM.

    So if you want to stay at the 2.1 OTA with root, you just follow the steps in this thread to load that ROM:


    Or try any number of other ROMS found all over the forum.
  11. gwlaw99

    gwlaw99 Well-Known Member

    ok thanks Fabulous. I think I figure it out. Didn't see the link in the first post
  12. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    You don't, it's just a md5 checker to make sure the download wasn't corrupt.

    you run this command:

    md5sum SPRecovery_ESE81.sbf

    and make sure it returns the same md5 checksum as in the OP. The instructions on where to put the .exe file are in the OP as well.

    You need to use RSD Lite to actually flash the .sbf file. Those instructions are, wait for it, in the OP as well.
  13. Kmart95

    Kmart95 Member

    So if we dont install a custom rom we cant do things that require root access.But if we install say... Ultimate Droid will we then have root access? Sorry im not exactly sure how this works.
  14. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member

    Yes...installing a rooted ROM gives you root access.
  15. Kmart95

    Kmart95 Member

    Thanks, in that case this is really cool
  16. samedroidsex

    samedroidsex New Member

    step zero: download attached zip and extract
    step one: boot into sprecovery
    step two: mount /system from sprecovery
    step three:

    Code (Text):
    1. adb push su /system/bin/su
    2. adb shell "chmod 6755 /system/bin/su"
    3. adb push Superuser.apk /system/app/Superuser.apk
    4. adb shell "chmod 644 /system/app/Superuser.apk"
    step four: reboot
    step five: stay alive

    enjoy rooted stock ESE81, with no need to screw up your shit or install a hacked together copy of ota...

    Attached Files:

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  17. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    Well done, I'll add that to the OP.
  18. Kmart95

    Kmart95 Member

    Where do we run that command exactly?
  19. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    Again, from the OP...


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  20. Kmart95

    Kmart95 Member

    OK thank you so much, it worked! My problem before was when i was in command prompt it couldn't locate the .sbf because i didn't tell it where to look.
  21. kellex

    kellex Member

    "'md5sum' is not recognized as an internal or external command"

    Any idea why I'm getting that? And yes, the md5sum.exe is my system32 folder.
  22. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    just make a copy of it on your desktop (or whatever folder you're working from) then, along with the .sbf and run the command
  23. kellex

    kellex Member

    thanks that worked.
  24. craigrn16

    craigrn16 Well-Known Member

    ok...Im not the rooting expert here, so everything I have read so far has made no sense to me. Let me try to get this straight. If I download this file, what do I do? Install it like an update.zip then it will give me super user... To be honest guys I love 2.1 the way it is the only thing I want is wifi tether and I want to be able to get it the easiest way possible. If someone can explain this to me like Im a 5 year old that would be greatly appreciated.
  25. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    1. Use the .sbf file provided in the OP to flash SPRecovery. You may have to read the sticky about RSD Lite to figure out how to do so. The link is in the OP.

    2. Now you have two choices:

    a. Install a ROM that is already rooted. You can find all those instructions in the respective ROM's threads.

    b. Root your current 2.1 OTA. That requires knowledge of adb, and the file attached to the OP. If you have both of those, then you just follow the commands posted.

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