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how to install?

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  1. droid88016

    droid88016 New Member

    how to install game in my xperia?just bought it and have no idea..i have downloaded a game from the net with the apk files and i bluetooth it to the phone.but i have no idea where the location of the file in phone and how to install it? i've checked the settings>application>unknown sources. any idea?

  2. techarlj

    techarlj Member

    i guess where your file is beyond me, however, once you track down that slippery sucker, you simply select it and it should take you to an install screen. you may run into a screen that says something like unknown sources is not allowed, actually it is probably nothing like that, but if you get a screen implying something is wrong, you simply need to go to settings, applications and then check unknown sources then ok. then go back to the file and select it again and then proceed with the install.
    good luck
  3. colin4unow

    colin4unow Well-Known Member

    Also you may want to conceder a Free app installer from the market. I believe this will show all apk files and install them. good luck..
  4. kain.adolf

    kain.adolf New Member

    Well, you should download and unzip the file. then read howto.txt and in the registry to find your DeviceID and change the folder then follow the instructions of the howto.txt file properly. Then restart phone.

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