How to join 2 files .3gp or mp3!!!!

  1. kitty

    kitty New Member

    I'm new on Android. Now i want to join 2 files mp3 to one files (a.mp3, b.mp3 => ab.mp3) . Please help me

    Thanks in advance

  2. milrtime83

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  3. Allynoz

    Allynoz New Member

    You need some software to merge audio. I've just found this nice article: how to join mp3 files. It worked perfectly for me.
  4. Roman G.

    Roman G. No-Posting Probation

    I do synchronized Christmas lights on the computer and when I want to make my own song or cut some out or add some in I use a free program called audacity it's a great program, very easy to use!
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