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  1. dooshra

    dooshra New Member

    It is probably trivial but i can't figure out how to do this. let's say i have searched with Google search, found the page i need, and for some reason, clicked the home button. When i go back to Google search i do not see the page i have left but the home page of Google search. Is there a way i can tell the app to stay on the page i have left?
    Thank you

  2. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    It's the last page of your browser :)
    Use your phone's button 'Recent Apps' (or recent apps in pulled down notifications).

  3. dooshra

    dooshra New Member

    Thank Harry you for the reply,
    My problem was that I was looking for the last page in "Google Search" where it is actually located in "Internet" browser . BTW "recent apps" in my Droid is a long press on the home button.

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