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  1. downa

    downa New Member

    can someone help me how to determine if the battery is fully charged? because in my samsung ace theres no msg appear in my screen on how to know if it full or not. so pls do help me :(

  2. GrahamF

    GrahamF Well-Known Member

    Hi, an icon will appear in the top left hand corner of your screen (& on your slide down notification bar) with a blue battery showing 100% + your notification tone will play. After your phone shows as 100% charged on the lock screen, you will need to continue charging for up to an hour before the blue icon appears. Then it is fully charged. Hope this helps. GrahamF. London :)
  3. Foxoid

    Foxoid Active Member

    GrahamF, correct me if I am wrong, I guess once the 100% charged notification appears, the charger gets auto-disconnected from power avoiding over charging. I am on 2.3 Gingerbread, so no blue battery logo. I always remove the charger once it shows 100%
  4. GrahamF

    GrahamF Well-Known Member

    Hi, no the charger does not disconnect & you will overcharge/cook the battery. I believe on Gingerbread you get a green battery icon with 100% in it when the battery is properly fully charged. Until you see this icon & hear the notification sound (the same tone you have set for SMS/e-mail) it is not fully at 100%. A full charge plugged into the wall & not used is approx 3 hours from 10% to full. I hope this helps. GrahamF. London :)
  5. Gammer

    Gammer Well-Known Member

    As Graham says just because the phone shows 100% it doesn't mean it's fully charged. You have to wait for the notifiction or you can always lock the phone and on the lock screen it will say Charged or Charging.
  6. squeakyg

    squeakyg Member

    Surely not. A professional product in this day and age would not let the battery get overcharged/cooked once it reaches 100%. Can you link to some evidence that proves the Galaxy Ace should not be left on its charger overnight?

    Man, the 100% notification chime is annoying, but I didn't think it was actually trying to force me out of bed to disconnect the charger.
  7. Gammer

    Gammer Well-Known Member

    No product in this 'day and age' can stop a battery from overcharging. Now what you could do is buy an after market charger with a smart chip that monitors current and voltage so it stops charging when fully charged.

    Can you name me a product that actually stops the charging process other than the battery or charger itself?
  8. dpkaur2010

    dpkaur2010 New Member

    hey guys my phone is not showing full charging notification????what to do i charged my phone by switching it off ...
  9. waheedtheone

    waheedtheone New Member

  10. icedtea

    icedtea Well-Known Member

    that product DOES NOT HELP. just unistalled mine minutes ago. yes it does alarm but upon removing the charger plug, in minutes time, the battery dropped by 2% already on standby mode?? i need to find a notification (like in ICS) that another icon appears upon the completion of the 100% full charge. . .
  11. Foxoid

    Foxoid Active Member

    Guys, c'mon is it a tough task to hang on for 3 to 4 hrs until your device is charged 100% and then remove the power? Do we really need so called alarms and apps to notify us that the charging is complete?
  12. CesarOC

    CesarOC Active Member

    Hi there, I'm having the same problem with my GT-S5830L Samsung galaxy ace, i have installed Jelly bean on the phone and most of the battery is drained out by Display, do i have to charge it an hour too so it can last long?

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