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how to make a good 3d game

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  1. IVO_

    IVO_ New Member

    Hello, I want to make a game with opengl es, but i dont know how is the best way to make the textures, with a program like 3ds max? or with a plain jpg's?


  2. Kasper Hviid

    Kasper Hviid Member

    3D max is overkill for texture creation, in my opinion.

    I would prefer to take a good photo of the surface, and use Photoshop to convert it to a texture.

    If you need a less realistic style, paint it from scratch using Photoshop. (you'll need a wacom for that - but that's a good tool for any serious Photoshop user)

    You can also use Photoshop's filters to create the textures.

    No matter what technique you use, making it work as a texture can be hard work, even for a experienced Photoshop user.

    You both need it to tile correctly, and also eliminate any areas in the image which stands out. A single brick with a different color tells the viewer "hey, this is a texture!"

    The High Pass filter can be quite good for making the texture more even. The downside is that it also ruin the image a bit.
  3. IVO_

    IVO_ New Member

    Thank you very much!

    But, where can I find a good tutorial for make textures with photoshop?

    I have seen examples and I think that its complicated...

    Thanks again!
  4. Kasper Hviid

    Kasper Hviid Member

    Instead of hunting tutorials which seldom are of the best quality, I would recommend trying to find some books, either in paper format or pdf. I have read two good ones on the subject, but I can't recall the titles.

    Gamasutra has a good description of the High Pass filter:
    Gamasutra - Features - "The Power of the High Pass Filter" [05.23.01]

    By the way, what kind of game are you making?
  5. IVO_

    IVO_ New Member

    I want to make a game with a ball in a kind of 3D maze, moving the maze with the acelerometer. I will try to find some books... thanks!
  6. Kasper Hviid

    Kasper Hviid Member

    Hey, if it's freeware I could create you some textures. I would like to see some kind of beta version first, though.
  7. IVO_

    IVO_ New Member

    Thank you very much! But I want to charge for the game... For this reason I want to make a good game... and I want to learn all about make a game, because it will be my first game... Thanks again!

    I found this book in pdf format: 3D Game Textures - Create Professional Game Art Using Photoshop - Focal Press - 2006

    And videotutorials for Photoshop CS4 Extended and 3D. If anyone is interested on it, I will paste here the videos' url.

    P.D: sorry for my poor english :)
  8. Kasper Hviid

    Kasper Hviid Member

    Hey, that's a good one! Relies a bit too much on Photoshop filters for my liking, but the author know his stuff.

    I also likes "Digital Texturing & Painting", which is more focused on some artistic aspects.

    Good luck with the game!
  9. Bryantos

    Bryantos New Member

    You're using a G1... A Linux based phone... and using Photoshop?

    Am I the only person that thinks thats weird?

    However, from a marketing standpoint, your first few games should be freeware until you have more experience under your belt. That way, when you're able to create better games, users will know the experience justifies the price.

    Just my .02.
  10. Naruto666

    Naruto666 Member

    Can i use a 3d model made in a 3d model program in android?
    Or must it be draw by math functions of opengl(used to make cubes, balls,etc)
    If someone could enlightenment me in this one it would be a blast! =D
  11. _Auron_

    _Auron_ Member

    Just because Android is linux-based doesn't mean the user only uses Linux. And photoshop is a fantastic image editing tool. So yeah.. you're probably the only person that thinks that's weird.

    But that's just my opinion.
  12. _Auron_

    _Auron_ Member

    OpenGL is just a bridge between the hardware and your own code. It doesn't magically create objects for you; the only thing it does is takes in triangles that you feed to the graphics processing unit (GPU). You can (and will have to) use your own 3d models, however you'll have to write a routine (or use a preexisting java one for that format) to read in the data and uncompress if it's compressed, then store into memory with the vertex, normals, color, and texture UV data.

    Finally when you want to draw, you feed all that data to the GPU. For optimization, you'd want to write a culling method (most people do frustum culling; google for more info on that) to only draw triangles that are actually going to be visible on the screen.

    Writing a 3D engine isn't easy, but there are useful guides and tutorials out there for OpenGL. One I'd like to mention is a series of tutorials on nehe.gamedev.net. Unfortunately with OpenGL ES though (although this is technically more efficient), you have to use buffers to feed the data, not just per-triangle calls, so you have to write smarter code to render anything.

    Though not 3D (yet) I'll be releasing my 2D OpenGL ES game engine that has quick and easy support for rendering sprites, playing sound effects, playing music, rendering text, rendering *very fast* tilemaps, and more next month.
  13. SteveJones

    SteveJones Well-Known Member

    Just get those Armadillo Roll guys together with someone who knows something about gameplay. Then you'll have a killer title.
  14. jptsetung

    jptsetung New Member

    Hello, I've been searching for such a 2D game framework on android with no luck. Is there already such frameworks ? Do you plan to release your framework soon ?
  15. LittleGreen

    LittleGreen New Member

    The best way to develop a 3D application for Android is to use a third party engine, usually in Java or C++. I.e. take a look at Linderdaum Engine.

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