how to make email attachment d/l of "universal inbox" faster

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  1. seeker407

    seeker407 Member

    Hi all!

    This might have been answered before but I promise that I have searched for.the past 3 hours (on my phone) to find the solution but I can't find it!

    Setup: Motorola defy running 2.2.1EVERYTHING STOCK except I've used super one click to root my phone and use set vsel to overclock CPU to 1.0 ghz when needed.

    Problem: okay so I have all of my emails running through the stock "universal inbox" (I don't know what else to call it!) The app name is "messaging".. the issue is that when someone sends me an attachment and I try to open it via the "messaging" app the download is somethinking like 8kbs which is ridiculous when you're trying to open a 3 meg file! HOWEVER when I try and open it over the gmail (or yahoo mail) app the file download is almost instant (100's of times faster than using the "messaging app")

    I honestly don't like either the yahoo or gmail alps and would prefer to use the "messaging" app to send and receive files... do y'all know a work around?

  2. seeker407

    seeker407 Member

    Bump... any ideas? Its very fustrating
  3. seeker407

    seeker407 Member

    For crying out loud.. someone must know how to fix this!!!!
  4. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    You've the stock email app, messaging app, yahoo, gmail - everything is all jumbled together and it all makes no sense. How do you expect anyone here to figure out exactly what your problem is or how to help you?
  5. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Maybe its your connection? I download 10mb files on my stock Mail app with no problem. And for some reason I think you are using the SMS app (Messaging) and not the Email app.
  6. seeker407

    seeker407 Member

    I really don't know how much more clear I can get. I'm using the message app... the app picture is an evnv elope with the word "messaging".

    Whaen i open it is shows me all the accounts that I have added t and how many unread messages there are.. this includes my text messaging, gmail, yahoo,my second gmail, and also my facebook.

    I do not want to use the stock applications that come with the phone such as the gmail app or the yahoo app or the hotmail app..

    It is a simple is this: I am on wifi and I can download files extremely fast using the gmail/ yahoo/hotmail application however downloading the exact same file on the exact same wireless network when using the "messaging" app I can only download at about 8 kilobits a second..

    I am sick of having to open 4 different applications to look at different files I like the universal inbox because it is simple harmonious way to view all my messages I just want to be able to download my attachments faster.
  7. seeker407

    seeker407 Member


    Okay I have since discovered that this is a MOTOBLUR feature... here is a video describing it:

    Motorola BACKFLIP with MOTOBLUR - All Your Messages - YouTube

    It is SO MUCH BETTER than any other program because it combines all my emails PLUS texting, PLUS facebook...

    Does ANYONE know about how to make this MOTOBLUR messaging app download attachments faster?

    TOday I downloaded a file through my universal inbox account 40 kb/s... downloaded the same file through gmail app 1.5 MB/s

    WTF mate..

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