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    Droid Razr: How can I download amazon MP3 music directly to the micro sd card. Is it really necessary to download the music to the internal storage than hook it up to a computer to transfer the files to the Sdcard then have duplicates until I erase the music from the internal storage location? I have read and searched threads all day and can't seem to find the answer.

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    You can try the sd card flip flop. You cannot make the Amazon app download to anything except the /sdcard/Amazonmp3 directory. Amazon really needs to update it to allow you to choose where to download your music.

    Another solution is an app that allows you to mount directories to other directories. You could use this to mount a directory on your external SD card to the amazonmp3 directory instead. Here's the link to it and I highly recommend this over the sd card flip/flop:

    I have used this utility and can confirm it works so that is how I have things set up. I take the /sdcard/amazonmp3 directory and I mount the /sdcard-ext/amazonmp3 directory to it. The /sdcard-ext/amazonmp3 directory contains all my music files from my amazon cloud drive. It works and the amazon cloud app on my droid doesn't know that the /sdcard/amazonmp3 directory points to a different directory on a different device.

    One thing to remember is that you want to minimize the amount of writing you do to an SD card. They have a limited lifespan and the more you write, the more likely it will begin to fail. I had a 32gb SD card for over a year and used it as the primary SD card in my X2. Last month, it started to have failures.

    With my RAZR, I don't use it as the primary SD card, so I'm leaving it mounted to the /sdcard-ext and use it to store my pictures and music. Reading from it doesn't affect it's lifespan like writing to it does. Therefore, I only write to it to store music and pictures. Before, when I was using it as the primary SD card mounted to /sdcard, that meant as I was playing games and such, it was constantly writing to the SD card, thereby doing wear and tear on it which ultimately made it fail last month.

    That's why I just use the mount program I mention above instead. Definitely makes things a lot easier and you can set it to remount the directories you have set up after rebooting your phone so that they will always be mounted.

    However, if you DO wish to do the flip flop, on forums, here are some instructions on how to make this work. Normally, if you don't do it correctly, you won't have access to the internal memory. This allows access to internal memory as well as the internal and external SD card:

    Here is the original thread:

    [Request] Mod External Sd Card To Be Primary -
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    bolski, Thanks for taking the time to answer my question in detail. I really appreciate the help.

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