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  1. helofast

    helofast Well-Known Member

    So I sold my Evo 4g :( and picked this phone up cheap, master reset and very few apps installed. It runs so slow, unbearably slow at times. Is there a way to make it faster? I like the android OS but if this thing has no solution I might pickup a Blackberry instead which I never had lagging problems with before.

    If rooting option, can someone who rooted their intercept give me feedback on it. Pros/Cons

  2. ClubSteeler

    ClubSteeler Well-Known Member

    Unbearably slow? It's not the fastest phone in the world, but I never considered it slow, let alone unnearably slow.

    Download Adao File manager
    See how full you application and SD card is. Clean up where possible.

    Get Adao Task manager
    Set it up to kill all unnecessary apps hoggin up your RAM. You'd be shocked how many apps sit there in RAM wheter you want them to or not.

    Get ACCleaner
    Clear all cached files

    All of this is easily done without having to root your phone. Let us know if it helps.
  3. helofast

    helofast Well-Known Member

    i have been using advanced task killer to free up RAM with autokill very often. the thing is, at times while multitasking the phone completely freezes for minutes, sometimes i just take the battery off and restart the phone
  4. LiquidSword52

    LiquidSword52 Member

    Many will say that with the way Android 2.2 is coded, there is no need for auto killing tasks. I've tried them, and it didnt help my case.
    As far the phone's speed and lag, have you tried a different home launcher such as Zeam, LauncherPro, or ADW Launcher? Most users and even reviews point out that a different home launcher seems to improve the phone's speed and decrease the lag.
    So Far I have stuck with Zeam launcher, and only use 3 home screens. With the application scrolling bar, I have no need for more. The only time I start to notice sluggish response is when the phone dips below 15% battery.
    Try out different combinations and see what works best for your needs.
  5. helofast

    helofast Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't a launcher take up alot of the Internal Memory? I believe thats what makes the phone lag, the lack of available RAM.
  6. gilbequick

    gilbequick Well-Known Member

    Bottom line is, it's just the way the phone is. It lags. That device is meant for texting/Facebook/email/light internet usage/being used as a phone, that's really it. Most decent games will bog it down.

    My advice is, if you want more than that out of a phone, sell the Intercept and pick up a different device.

    Why did you get rid of the Evo?
  7. helofast

    helofast Well-Known Member

    I just sold it cannot stand it to be slow with the things I need it to do. I thought I would have been much better since the processor speed seemed quick from specs.

    I sold my Evo because there is no 4g in my area, I was ok with it at first because it was supposedly coming January, but it didn't.
  8. bigdave757

    bigdave757 Member

    i want to get rid of my intercept so bad. i did a hard reset and got rid of some apps and i havent had a problem since
  9. helofast

    helofast Well-Known Member

    thats exactly why i sold it, whats the point of having access to all those cool apps, if the phone is going to be a turd. Android is only good on the high end phones (evo,epic)

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