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  1. T0ngster

    T0ngster New Member

    I have exceeded my data limit for the month, my parents are gonna kill me..
    I have always used "Use only 2g networks" when i was not using the internet.
    Is it due to the apps that are causing the high data usage? As I have installed some games in the month, using my Wi-Fi
    But even so, I have already ticked the "Use only 2g networks" option.
    Is this the correct way to turn off my 3G??

    Or is there any app that can completely turn off the 3G and make sure I do not use any data AT ALL?

  2. solenero68

    solenero68 Member

    apn droid apk...or just rename your apn type .old
  3. pydave

    pydave Member

    I also use apndroid and it works great. Prevents you from using any data whatsoever (and provides a widget for turning on and off).

    If you want data on, but prevent stuff from using it in the background, you should turn off background data and auto-sync: Home > Menu > Settings > Accounts & sync.
  4. Antroide

    Antroide Member

    get the free network switcher app from the market, that way you won't have any problems again or have to change yor apn anymore as this is a pain also recomended is to get advance task killer and check from time to time wich apps are running as there are some that like to turn on on their own like twitter and others i dont know. but you shouldn't have any issues while using "network switcher"

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