How to make text appear/dissapear with buttons

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  1. sljmaster

    sljmaster New Member

    Hi, I just started using the app inventor today, I have an idea for an app, a money making guide for an online game I play. From what I understand from forums you can't make text link to other pages. So for example, if I wanted to make a block of text for how to make 50k how would I make just that block of text appear on screen after I click a button or text?

  2. jayDInc

    jayDInc Well-Known Member

    Let's say you want three things (they can be text boxes or Horizontal arrangements or just about anything. Using Screen arrangements allows you to group things together easily.)
    thingA, thingB and thingC.
    You could have three buttons always showing, labelled A, B and C.
    When buttonA is clicked, set thingB.visible = flase, set thingC.visible = false, set thingA.Visible = true
    Do the similar things for the other buttons. I think there is a tutorial about this if you search around.
  3. tAIIC

    tAIIC Active Member

    I have a multiple page tutorial on my site. You can find it on Just look in the tutorials section.

    App Inventor Info Center
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  4. premes

    premes Guest

    hi I do not get my apps over ten my phone anyone know what needs to be done? error message on the Block's Editor Does anyone know? have java 6
  5. tAIIC

    tAIIC Active Member

    @premes: Can't help without knowing what the error message, what kind of phone you have, etc. Though if the java version you indicate is correct, then you need to upgrade and make sure you have it enabled.

    Take a look at this, Enable Java | App Inventor Info Center, and see if it helps you fix the problem.

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  6. premes

    premes Guest

    Taiic Hi, I have an Ericsson Xperia x8. Inventor user and must have apps over to my phone. checked if it was java install it says: java runtime version at the top of the is marked enable.

    error message looks like this: The Blocks Editor needs To Be open. Click on the [Open the Blocks Editor] button.
    windows java virtuel machine.
    could not create the java virtual machine
  7. tAIIC

    tAIIC Active Member

    What version of java do you have? In your original comment you said 6. That is an old version. If that is what you have you need to upgrade. Go to this URL Java + You and click Free Java Download. It will tell you if you need to upgrade.

    After you do that, you can also go to the official App Inventor groups page and post in the "Getting Set Up and Connecting Your Phone to App Inventor" forum. You will be able to get more people helping there if you still have a problem after verifying that you are using the latest version of Java.

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