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  1. pieq314

    pieq314 Well-Known Member


    With Android 2.2, I only see an item to turn on/off wi-fi, or flight-mode (which turns off all wireless services). But I would like to do the following as well:

    1. On the Galaxy Tab, I want to turn on or off the tab's cellular data service. How can I do that?

    (reason: when I am at home, I do not want to accidentally use my small data plan. The Tab sometimes has trouble connecting to the wi-fi and automatically connects to data service)

    2. How can I turn off voice service without using the flight-mode? (My tab is the European version so that it has regular phone functionality).

    Even if you are using the American version, you can still answer this question if you have a regular Android phone: That is, my question is: how do you turn off voice service but leaving other wireless connections on. This should be possible because I could do it on my old Windows Mobile 6 phone.

  2. Maris

    Maris Well-Known Member

    On the Tab if you long-press as if you were going to turn it fully off, one of the menu selections is to turn of data mode. However, Isn't that the same as turning on plane mode and then turning back on the wireless only? That's what I do to save battery when I know I'm going to be on wireless for several hours to avoid it searching for cell signals. Works a charm.
  3. pieq314

    pieq314 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I will give it a try.
  4. brian1234

    brian1234 New Member

    You can turn on or off your galaxy tab by using the following options.Menu > Settings > Wireless & network > Mobile network >Tick/untick

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