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how to merge dual "google" and "phone" contacts

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  1. juntjoo

    juntjoo Active Member

    I'm having to manage several versions of a contact for some reason. I guess some were from google mail account. anyway, is there a way to merge then to make my life easier that someone knows about? thanks

    btw, I have android 2.1

  2. SoftWyer

    SoftWyer Well-Known Member

    Are you using HTC? Their 'People' contact viewer allows you to 'link' contacts together.

    On the default Google 'Contacts' app you can edit a contact and 'join' it to another. Effectively the same as People's link, but not as easy to use.
  3. Fergie100284

    Fergie100284 Active Member

    Using the HTC one you have to do it one by one, and it also still takes up the same space on the phone.

    After doing a back up and restore I have lots of duplicate contacts and so it's taking up around 35mb! Tried and tried to find something to properly merge the contacts with no luck.
  4. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    I'd suggest getting all your contacts converted over to Google contacts. The main reason being that they are automatically synced so you effectively have a backup at all times.
  5. DenverRalphy

    DenverRalphy Well-Known Member

    Fastest and easiest way is from your PC. Log into gmail with your browser, and click on Contacts. Select the Other Contacts filter, choose all the contacts you wish, then in the dropdown menu choose Merge.

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