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How to merge facebook contacts with current?Support

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  1. DreamRaider

    DreamRaider Well-Known Member

    Ok the fn sync doesn't even work properly. When I get a new friend who's number I have it didn't update. But when I try going into the contacts I cant edit them, so I'm stuck eith either duplicTes or none. Edit Facebook Contacts on. 588
    On that link people tell me to lop for some join contact option but I don't st out, any help please?

  2. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    Numbers if friends on Facebook cannot be automatically merged for privacy reasons afaik. You need to edit them in manually to keep them when logged off of Facebook.
  3. DreamRaider

    DreamRaider Well-Known Member

    Well then what should I do? the facebook doesn't always merge with gmail, and I have friends with the same name, it doesn't go to either one of them.

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