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How To Mod your WM8650 Tablet

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  1. NyRaised

    NyRaised Member



    Want to make your tablet run better, faster and get the REAL ANDROID MARKET?

    I have done many of these tablets and. I have enclosed my instructions below
    and the link to the files from my website.

    Follow these directions exactly:

    Make sure your tablet is off.
    Remove the SD Card.
    Download the V9 Final ROM file to your PC from my site. Make sure you know
    where to find it after it downloads:

    I have uploaded the rom to my own website and it should
    download very quick for you. Here is the link to the ROM from my site

    save it to your desktop and get winrar to unpack the zip file at

    Insert the SD Card into the media reader on your desktop PC.
    The SD Card will now show up as a drive letter on your PC's File Manager,
    just like C:\ except with a different letter assigned.

    Every computer will be different. Let's just say that on your PC it is G:\.
    Right click the drive letter of the SD Card (G:\). A pop-up menu appears.
    Select "format" and format the card to Fat32.
    Now, using a program like winzip or winrar, extract the ROM file that you
    downloaded to your PC earlier to a new folder on your desktop
    After it has extracted, it will have these folders:
    and these 3 files on it:

    Using your PC mouse, double click the "changer.bat" file. A pop up screen
    Type in RT3070 and hit "enter" (this enables WiFi support)

    Select the option number that corresponds to your tablet and press enter.
    ( I found option 27 to work on most wundermedia wm8650 ) if that dont work
    run it again and choose option 2 (if that dont work,keep trying differnt
    options until you get the right one) if that one hangs on the option
    you selected, you will just have to keep running the changer and selecting a
    different option number until you get it right. Make sure that after it does
    boot that the touchsreen does in fact work.

    (Please, if you are trying multiple options, just remember to try options
    only for the size tablet you have.
    For instance, if you have a 7 inch tablet, try only options
    1,2,7,8,9,11,12,13,16,20,21,23,25,26,27,28,29,30,31, and 32.

    After you select your option number and hit enter, the changer.bat will ask
    you if you want to install the ROM on your SD Card hit y (yes) and if you
    want your SD Card formatted. Answer "NO" since you already formatted it
    earlier, let the program finish running completly and it will tell you when
    its done.
    Now safely remove the SD Card from the PC media reader.

    Insert the SD Card back into your tablet and turn it on.

    it will show a progress bar on the botton, when it's done it will tell you
    to remove the sd card , (don't remove card until it says to) when you do
    the tablet will reboot
    Select the wmtlauncher when it comes to options screen and set as the
    default and thats all there is to it.

    This should only take a few minutes to boot the first time. Make sure that
    after the tablet is up and running , that you reformat the sd card in a
    computer again before you put it back in your tablet for storage.

    Main features:
    * Live Wallpaper Support! ("butterfly" live wallpaper included!)
    * HoneyComb styled launcher, framework and icons
    * Extreme WM8650 compatibility (60 models +!)
    * Customizable ROM, make it even more LITE for example (see CHANGER 'x' for
    more info)
    * 100% Rooted
    * Audio Boosted
    * Memory cleaning boosted
    * Memory read/write boosted
    * Lite version, stripped away many apps
    * Tries to support as many languages as possible
    * Real Android Market
    * Real working YouTube

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  2. rotusz82

    rotusz82 Well-Known Member

    OK I have been trying to get my new WM8650 flashed mainly because well the market on it sucks and it was slow. I tried the suggestions you had about using number 27, which worked except the touch screen did not function. I tried a few others with no luck. However, using option 10 seemed to work just fine. Even had the Honeycomb startup animation. One quick thing to add, once you have your ROM flashed, Calibrate your screen. Otherwise you have hit a few issues trying to use it right away.
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  3. nadimvirus

    nadimvirus New Member

    can u help me i have 7" screen i wrong firmware install my apad is dead
    no booting how to agin ple help

    t you
  4. baberuth609

    baberuth609 Member

    i have the wm8650 wondermedia 7 inch screen bought from a happy deal in china, it is for my boyfriend i so want to update everything but i am scared that i will ruin it as it is his christmas present, can i unzip it with winzip and is it easy to download and install or should i pay some one, want skype as well is this possible and how do you increase memory
  5. baberuth609

    baberuth609 Member

    hi i downloaded your rom extracted and followed all the instructions, when i got to changer.bat and double clicked this and got the green screen come up on the pc before putting it on an sd card i entered RT3070 to enable wifi it read after i pressed enter uberoid supported then when i went to enter a number for example 27 you said worked for you it kept going back to the config or quit screen where i first entered RT3070, do i need to just enter one of the numbers for my 7 inch wm8650 which is M009G with 256mb cpu via8650 800mhz
  6. bamavisc

    bamavisc New Member

    :) Your ROM option #15 with RT3070 option worked fantastic on this inexpensive tablet I picked up from Craigslist here in Phoenix, AZ! I tried about 8-other ROMS but your instructions were easily the clearest for a first time Android tablet user.
  7. nanita

    nanita New Member

    The rom link is damage
  8. jainto60

    jainto60 New Member

    thanks work perfect in wonder media Wm 8650 generically table froyo 2.2 8 inches

  9. socaldorito

    socaldorito New Member

    I am new to this i look everywhere online and this post help the most,it made my tablet usable thanks so much..
  10. 555jlr

    555jlr New Member

    Hey, did all the stes and now on the very last step the tablet is frozen it woun't let me select the wmtlauncher...can anyone help?thanks,Joe
  11. Andy 308GTB

    Andy 308GTB Member

    Thanks to the OP for the very clear instructions.
    This worked first time for me in the UK.

    I used option 27 as suggested (some forums in the UK suggest 8)

    My WM8650 is the green light version purchased via Amazon UK in December 2011.
  12. DazzyD

    DazzyD New Member

    I need a bit more help. I had 2 Amazon (UK) secured tablets which I upgraded through the process above.
    I tablet now is fine and dandy, the second freezes after a few minutes (no touch screen response)
    Any ideas?

    Please help.
  13. Andy 308GTB

    Andy 308GTB Member

    Have you tried re-running the process - just in case you missed a step the first time? In the last few days I have run the process 5 or 6 times trying different things - it doesn't create any problems.
  14. mfair

    mfair New Member

    Thanks. This is great. Before I try it, will someone let me know if Gapps works. I.e. can I get my google contacts, google calendar etc synced? Or is there something else I have to do as a follow up
  15. Andy 308GTB

    Andy 308GTB Member

    This suggests to me that you have selected the wrong option number.
    I had the same problem when I tried #8
    I re did the process using #27 and it was fine.

    You need to get the right option for your tablet - the batch file does list the various tablets and the correct option but you may need to use trial and error.
  16. cwarschaw

    cwarschaw New Member

    I am a newbee to all of this. I am tired of being frustrated, I don't have a extra sd card right now can I use a usb storage,I have a 4g . This grandma never even used the usb storage. My computer is 10+ old . Btw I have a 7.4 tablet, it's a generic-eng 2.2 froyo verisio 1.5.5 20110920.013830
  17. fringo

    fringo New Member

    Thank you NyRaised. Have been trying to do it all day following other people trying to be helpful, but there's always been a missing detail here and there. (Like Fat32, or option 27 which worked for me.) Brilliant! I have now just downloaded Omar Sharif Bridge from the Android market, which was all the stupid thing was bought for.
  18. sassy200080

    sassy200080 New Member

    I tried the link and it comes up about blank please help...

    I have uploaded the rom to my own website and it should
    download very quick for you. Here is the link to the ROM from my site

    (mod note not a link)
  19. cwarschaw

    cwarschaw New Member

    I tried same link and came up blank. Just like this tablet.:confused:
  20. Andy 308GTB

    Andy 308GTB Member

    The link does NOT open a page.

    The link starts the download - you should be able to see the download running on your PC
  21. Ercano

    Ercano New Member

    Thanks for the very clear instructions. I
  22. hddroid

    hddroid Member

    Guys I am having same problem iI installed Uberoid on my tab and touch was off
    Now i am trying this 1 but just wanna know the rite option for me please help me
    android2.2 fryo (stock)
    green led when o and red when charging
    black headfone jack 3g supported
    no sim card slot
    if needed i can upload pics to
    plz help i beg
  23. hddroid

    hddroid Member

    2nd thing no offence but download's kinda sloe
  24. Ercano

    Ercano New Member

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  25. muntz

    muntz New Member

    Super cool worked in Finland with number 8 ! Thanks alot ! :)

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