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How To Mod your WM8650 Tablet

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  1. icoultha

    icoultha New Member

    So I was not satisfied with accepting this was dead. After a few on and off cycles with and without SD trying to see if there wasa glimmer of hope, I noticed that it seemed that an on and quickly after an off, it turned right off. If I waited, then you had to hold the power button. This told me that it was starting up but not displaying so i played.

    As this is a 10" unit I tried 22 which is a <test> version and WTF, it actually upgrades. But then only gets to the Uberoid title like someone stated above.

    I tried differnet versions, targeting the 10" and nothing else gave me similar results or better.

    Any ideas?


  2. mrsylk69

    mrsylk69 New Member

    Thanks for this fix. Everything works great except for my sound. Is there anyway to get the sound to wrk? #13 worked for me. If anyone knows a fix for the sound to work, please let me know
  3. y2kcortez

    y2kcortez New Member

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! Though I had bricked my daughter's wm8650 7in from china. BUT, tried your software a few times. Lost touch panel control as mentioned by a few, but then tried number 30 and it worked (with minimal wi-fi). Then 28 worked perfectly.

  4. paskuniag

    paskuniag Member

    Try options 10, 47, 48, and 49. They match your specs the closest. Use the latest Uberoid version V11. And make sure you select only the 10" pad options from the changer.bat list, such as those listed above.
  5. welin02

    welin02 New Member

  6. welin02

    welin02 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Below is my tablet I would like to mod...I followed the instructions but the touchscreen is not working at all. Pls advise which options will work with my tablet. Thanks alot.

    For instance, if you have a 7 inch tablet, try only options
    1,2,7,8,9,11,12,13,16,20,21,23,25,26,27,28,29,30,3 1, and 32.

    7' WM8650 Sim Card Phone Call Wifi 3g MultiTouch MID Tablet PC + FREE .. (Kuala Lumpur, end time 10/9/2012 10:15:00 PM MYT)
    7 inch WonderMedia (WM8650, 800Mhz) Original Rooted Android 2.2 MID Tablet PC
    With Real Original Android Market.

    • NEW Design netPad W1 with Real Android 2.2 froyo
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    • Lastest version with suppot GPRS data online
    • 4GB Version 256MB DDR3 RAM
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    • Come with latest and stable Officail WonderMedia firmware 1.5.5 (latest firmware, others is slow firmware 1.5.2).
      • We give Original Official Firmware with Real Android market ready. Those which come with china APP market only need to use modified firmware to get Android market.
    • Support Flash 10.1
    • Support Real Google Android Market (Note: Others might only have app market or others china market)
    • Rooted Android Version (Installed superuser rights, titanium backup, root explorer)
    • Working OTG (You can Link/Connect your Tab to your PC)
    • Camera
    • Different Type of TouchScreen
      Most sensitive Resistive screen with 2 finger Multi touch pinch zoom
    • Using INNOLUX Branded LCD (more quality and clear in color)
    • Direct USB PORT, NO need addtional usb adapter. (others model need usb adapter)
    • Support 3G Broadband Modem
    • Support RMVB Movie/Video
    • Grade A Quality Battery
    • Support Wifi / Wireless a/b/g/N
    • G-sensor - Gravity 4-Dimensional
  7. welin02

    welin02 New Member

    I found it!!! Mine is option 7... Don't worry if the touchscreen is out of sync. Use a usb mouse to select first... then go setting and select touchscreen calibration ...that's it
  8. LucaSurf

    LucaSurf New Member

    Dude, this dont works on my Tablet M009f Via WM8650 7". So,i chose every options! may this dont works becaus i have android 2.3.3? or because is non rooted tablet? i dont know, i need a little help.

  9. jaandroidz

    jaandroidz New Member

    Did you get yours to work?? im about to try
  10. fredabeeder

    fredabeeder New Member

    thanks. third try lucky! option 8 worked for me.
  11. Hecxa

    Hecxa New Member

    Here in Finland 27 worked for me, the device is 99
  12. FahimR

    FahimR New Member

    mine gone blank, white with black streaks, after using option 27 and later tried others but same condition. its WM860 LAVA LT7007 green LED 7". Can anyone?
  13. luckyme

    luckyme New Member

    after download the file from your link and succesfully extracted the file, i did not get the change.bat file, instead i got change.sh , pls help, i am using window 7 home premium on my laptop
  14. gaborbig

    gaborbig New Member

    try option nr.8 in change.bat
  15. fixius

    fixius New Member

    I'm having some serious trouble. When I use change.bat to copy the files to the Micro SD card, it will not boot; the tablet starts up normally and ignores the SD card.

    Memory Size: 256MB
    Model number: generic
    Firmware Version: 1.6
    Kernel Version: 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty
    Build number: WMT2.1.2_105

    It has 2GB of internal storage (1.86GB shows, the rest is system used)

    (I know very little about this tablet. Just came to the conclusion that it is the WM8650. Not sure which one. User manual says MID, and that is it.)



    Many thanks in advance for any advice. D:
    I just cannot get this thing to catch! It is supposed to hang up on the initial android logo before it actually starts booting if it's the wrong ROM, not completely ignore it; right?

    I've tried formatting it as Fat32 in both Vista and through change.bat
  16. mtesic

    mtesic New Member

    Thanx NyRaised!

    My WM8650 Wondermedia 7 inch is alive again :D!

    I tried to install your ROM (after RT3070), with several different options (some of them didn
  17. sc0rpulus

    sc0rpulus New Member

    Hi all

    I have MID 7 inch touch screen Specification Sort Item Description System CPU VIA 8650( 800MHZ) Operation System: Android 2.2 RAM Hyunda 256MB DDR...brought on amazon jan 2012

    I have tryed options 1,2,11,27,29,30... so far and none have worked i just tryed option 8 and it worked but the battery keeps saying 100% and doesnt go dwn...

    Help needed

    Thank you
  18. dhbtoo

    dhbtoo New Member

    I couldn't believe the difference you have made already. The very first attempt worked like a dream. The WiFi connection happened so much more quickly, the touch screen is more responsive, I am astounded.

    Thank you for sharing that.

  19. madprofessorus

    madprofessorus New Member

    Did you found any clue on the sound issue? I've been trying different options,still can't get sound on the speakers,only the headphones
  20. asgaard

    asgaard New Member

    Some time ago i bought MID tablet (same as @fixius user, model no: m799ca V2.2) and prepare sd card as in instruction by @Trickyd71 (Flashing M7206-M799ca) and when i insert SD card into tablet and turn it on it says Booting from SD........ and that's it, nothing happen more. When i remove it will boot Android as normal.

    Thanks in advance.
  21. ddebowska

    ddebowska New Member

    How To Mod your WM8650 Tablet !!! I have a tablet with a phone in it, after the update can i still use the phone on this unit.... no one has made any comments about the phone side of this table.. dose anyone know... Thank you.
  22. ddebowska

    ddebowska New Member

    Dose anyone know the best way to open the tablet... I have to replace the display. my cat had kicked it of of the table.. I have the parts for the unit... I just dont want to mess it up any more.. thank you
  23. Anbu16

    Anbu16 New Member

    when it upgrading it has no loading bar at the bottom
  24. JeffG1

    JeffG1 New Member

    Fantastic OP, tried 27 first then 1 worked for my wondermedia 8650. Much more efficient and the real market is sweet.

    Thanks again
  25. romeomarco09

    romeomarco09 New Member


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