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How to mount Evo's Internal Storage on Windows PCSupport

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  1. Axilarry

    Axilarry Member

    Evo connected to my PC via USB, selected "Mount as disk drive," but only the Micro SD card appears in Windows Explorer as a directory.

    Had had the Incredible, where _both_ the SD card and Internal Storage appeared as two individual directories. I could see what was stored on ea.

    How might I mount Internal Storage to see that on my PC?

    Under 300MB of memory of avail. space on the Internal, and there are some posts about running out of app room in various forums, so curious what media and other data is there, what might be movable to SD card.

  2. alamoe

    alamoe Well-Known Member

    Only way I know of that would allow this is with linux

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  3. mmuscaro

    mmuscaro Member

    Connect with active sync instead of disk drive. At least with my other phones, that is the difference.
  4. Axilarry

    Axilarry Member

    now rooted (thanks flipz Fresh ROM) so can see all. thx.

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