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How to mount mytouch as a drive from a PCSupport

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  1. Brewe

    Brewe New Member

    I am having trouble getting either of my computers to see my mytouch4g.

    PC1 Desktop w/ Vista

    PC2 Laptop wWin7 64bit

    tethering won't work, but those directions are what shows up when searching tmobile's site.

    I have seen here where one can go into storage, and usb and set it as a drive, but I do not have that option under storage.

    I seem to be missing something basic, please help. This is just plain embarrasing to not be able to do this.

  2. tukatz

    tukatz Well-Known Member

    In Settings there should be a Connect to PC selection. Select that and there is a Default Connection Type selection - the only one. Select that and touch Disk Drive.
  3. Brewe

    Brewe New Member

    I have no connect to PC option, or anything that even looks close in my settings.

    I have (in order)
    Wireless & networks
    Call settings
    Power saving mode
    Location & security
    Accounts & sync
    Language & keyboard
    Voice input & output
    Date & time
    About phone
    Model number T-mobile myTouch Q
    Android version 2.3.6
  4. weg29

    weg29 New Member

    Try this:

    go under Storage. Select the first option, Mass storage only, when your phone is hooked up via USB to your computer.

    This should allow you to browse the phone as a drive on the PC. You may have to confirm this option on the phone and on the PC before you can browse.

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