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  1. gvmuthu

    gvmuthu New Member

    Dear Friends, I am a fresher to Android Phone - Samsung Galaxy Y.

    My Problem is, how to move apps from Device storage to SD Card storage? I also want to understand Why Apps install in Device storage directly, and the move to SD card button is disabled in app settings.?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. aadaars

    aadaars Active Member

    root ur phone and install move2sd enabler :)cheers
  3. gvmuthu

    gvmuthu New Member

    Thanks for the response. Let me read and get some knowledge about how to root Samsung Galaxy Y Phone.
  4. revanthchdg

    revanthchdg Active Member

    You dont need to root your phone to move apps, just install Apps 2 SD

    Just install Apps 2 SD from the above link and you`re done.

    You can do this without any apps by going to settings, but this app provides a good UI to perform the task!!!
  5. aadaars

    aadaars Active Member

    apps 2 sd in not very good:)most of the card remains in phone memory,so rooting and move2sd enabler are the best mate:)
  6. AbhiRockz

    AbhiRockz Well-Known Member

    Hey bro...try 'link2sd' download it from android's free.have fun..
  7. robzarch

    robzarch New Member

    Pleasw give me an idea how to root my android phone?

    Thank you.
  8. lvabarajithan

    lvabarajithan Active Member

    There is something called search here..

    Try that.

    Also goto settings > Applications > manage applications > click on any app and select move to SD option.

    Presd thanks if i helped u!!
  9. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    But this is a user forum, not a developer forum like XDA, so this isn't usually how we handle this. And it's certainly not how we respond to new members.

    @robzarch: The Galaxy Y forum has a subforum Galaxy Y All Things Root. In that you'll find a sticky post Galaxy Y: All Things Root Guide. You should find links to the information you need in there.
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  10. rnjt

    rnjt New Member

    download ...
    link2SD from play store
    n minipartitiontool fr pc
    now... install minipartitiontool in pc.... put ur memorycard through cardreader...
    partition ur sdcard..
    now... insert memory card in mobile... n do it..
    for more help... take help to Google
  11. EddyReff

    EddyReff New Member

    Hello, I hope this is the correct thread for my request for information. Being a complete technical dummy I have not understood most of the replies. How do I get an app I have downloaded from Google Play Store shown on my Samsung Galaxy Y smartphone when I switch my smartphone on? I do not want to have to go to Play Store, press Apps, search for the app and then open it every time in order to be able to use it. Also I want it to always be on the screen whenever I switch on my smartphone. I had that before but when I updated the app the app icon disappeared from my smartphone screen despite my not having requested that. Oh and please explain what I have to do to root or the like as I have no idea what that means. Thank you for helping and I wish you a wonderful day.

    Kind regards,

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