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  1. msjournie

    msjournie New Member

    Acer Iconia Tab 100.

    Hi, I'm trying to move apps over to my external SD card. I know Adobe Air, Adobe Reader, & Amazon apps can run off of your external sd card. I have the same apps on my phone and on the Acer Tablet.

    How do I move them to my external sd card? My space is limited on the tablet :(


  2. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Well-Known Member

    Not on a tablet. You can store books, pictures, movies and music on the external card.

    I am giving my A100 to daughter. I got a 500 just for the 16G of memory. Sky Safari has over 10,000 files. (watched it update)

    NZRYAH New Member

    After you ROOT, UNLOCK, RECOVERY, and CUSTOM ROM your A100 then you use Apps2SD from market to copy apps that will run from SD to your hearts content, as long as you have available external SD space ... take a look at this over at XDA, except on the A100 you use the Volume Up key to make a selection (when doing UnLock) keep holding the Volume Up key and press the On Button on top to reboot. The device will turn off. Then just press the On Button on top by itself. Your device will be unlocked. Complete the remaining steps and install Apps2SD from the Market/Store and use it.
  4. sailboatamelia

    sailboatamelia New Member

    On the A100, I've successfully rooted, unlocked, done a recovery image and done a custom ROM, and then rebooted (confirming the unlock) and installed Apps2SD.

    When I run Apps2SD (or any other Apps-to-SD comparable program), it shows the apps installed on the phone, but when I click on any of them, there is no option available in the menu or settings to actually move the app. The SD section shows zero apps installed.

    I get a 100% installation confirmation of all the steps above required before trying to move an app.

    I'm sure it works on other machines, but has anyone actually ever been successful in moving an app onto the SD (internal or external) on an A100?

    If so, please prove me to be a complete idiot by showing that I've missing some painfully obvious step.
  5. Flyboy28802

    Flyboy28802 Well-Known Member

    The short answer is you can't do it like you use to running ICS. Search this forum or on how to use external SD to store apps. Basically you swap the mount points of the internal storage to the SD card. So in essence the tablet thinks you are storing on internal RAM but it's actually going on the SD. I have been running like this with my 32gig card for months with no issues.
  6. sailboatamelia

    sailboatamelia New Member

    Acer Iconia A100 ICS rooted, unlocked, backed up, CWM, Superuser.

    I've successfully swapped the mount points and now have combined the internal 8GB and the external 32GB to act as one single drive. The machine now sees itself as having 40GB of internal storage. Works perfectly BUT... I'm permanently getting the ol' "Insufficient storage available" message on EVERY app I try to install. Even worse - I've done massive uninstalling of almost ALL my programs, and now I can't re-install ANY apps with getting the insufficient storage message, either from Play Store, or as a standalone apk installer file.

    I've tried;
    - Lucky Patcher
    - rebooted countless times
    - set all system files and folders to RW
    - every type of cache cleaning program
    - increased my swap filesize to maximum
    - every type of past-program-cleanup tidy program
    - tested, verfified, but still replaced, the 32GB sd chip
    - used a terminal emulator to properly rewipe the cache folder
    - restricted the list or startup programs to only system-required apps
    - using SDK, have tried both the "set install to internal" and external drives

    There is very little left on my system now (95% free), and the system runs beautifully and passes all diagnostics. I've just reached the point now where I cannot install or reinstall even the tiniest tiny programs. Of the few remaining programs, I dare not uninstall CWM, Superuser or ADB Control, for fear of not being able to even restore past backups.

    In short, the more capacity I give back to the system, the less capacity it has.

    Any thoughts?
  7. Flyboy28802

    Flyboy28802 Well-Known Member

    When all else fails, try a factory reset and start the process over. You might try not combining the internal and external (sd) memory and keep them separate. Swap the mount points so you can still load apps to the sd-card, but keep the internal as just that. If you need more space on the sd-card replace the 32 gig for a 64 gig. According to Acer the 64gig cards should work with ICS.

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