How to move apps to SD card (Samsung Galaxy Ace)?Support

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  1. sam881001

    sam881001 Member

    Please Help. I don't know how to put all my apps into my SD card. I'm new in this. Please advise me on what should I download and what should I do.

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  2. ciha

    ciha New Member

    yea I have the same problem.I downloded App 2 SD pro but it just says "No movable applications found from the storage"
  3. praky

    praky Well-Known Member

    will post a step by step tutorial later this evening. hang on.
  4. mrdragon

    mrdragon Member

    ace has so much of bloatware,
    where able to move apps to sd?
  5. praky

    praky Well-Known Member

  6. sam881001

    sam881001 Member

    Thanx man!
  7. praky

    praky Well-Known Member

    No problem. If you encounter any problem, do tell.
  8. PotTatoes

    PotTatoes New Member

    when i plug my galaxy ace on the pc, nothing happens. i mean. no OS is prompting me to install anything. what should i do? HELP!! :(
  9. GalaxyAcer

    GalaxyAcer New Member

    180 mb for internal memory is just ridiculous....what were they thinking? :mad:
  10. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    The OS should have prompted...anyways try to install the drivers yourself, either install Kies(drivers are included in it) or google for drivers and install them on your pc.
  11. lachojski

    lachojski New Member

    is there no other way to sort this without downloading software onto a pc/laptop?why havnt they solved this with a update.
  12. SJN

    SJN Active Member

    I think thats all u get for a middle end phone. I am using it for last one year and i must admit it is a great phone. I never faced any problem with the memory till date, just use SDK and change ur installation location. I have about 100 applications installed and still have about 60MB space left! :D :D
    From what i have experienced, this phone is worth a lot more than for what we buy it! :D #Cheap
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  13. GalaxyAcer

    GalaxyAcer New Member

    sweeet...did the "d/l android sdk,d/l java sdk, d/l android packages, run command,reboot, app2SD" instructions and now i am able to move practically everything to SD! woohooo...on a more serious note it seems my desktop is acting a bit funny but who cares!!:cool:
  14. elbmek

    elbmek Well-Known Member

  15. rharmon153

    rharmon153 New Member

    i cannot figure this out, i have downloaded multiple "apps to sd card free" from my market and nothing works.. help!
  16. elbmek

    elbmek Well-Known Member

    I tried to download a few things to my galaxy ace but nothing happened, I wonder if they actually WERE for my Galaxy Ace? Suppliers should specify in BIG RED letters what their apps are for.
  17. sandyvgb

    sandyvgb New Member

    i have an extended problem.. i moved apps to sd card but when i connect to u laptop via usb all the apps on sd card vanishes!! please help :(
  18. elbmek

    elbmek Well-Known Member

    Same here KIES cannot see my SD card
  19. husen ali

    husen ali New Member

    please tell me how to move apps to sd card?
  20. husen ali

    husen ali New Member

    please tell me how can we move apps from phone to sd card?
  21. elbmek

    elbmek Well-Known Member

    I use My files. Or KIES via my pc

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