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  1. mrmolio

    mrmolio New Member

    newbie question here... I read thru some of the postings, but still not sure what to do here...

    I have a Samsung Intercept with, OK, a bunch of apps, and I apparently have only 10% free of my internal memory. Is it possible to move some of whatever is using up the internal space & memory over to the SD card?

    I just swapped my little 2GB external card for a 16GB one, and moved all of the contents of the old card to the new one, so far so good (thanks to those in the forums who helped with this! :eek: ) So I have loads of room on that card.

    I've looked thru several apps - Android System Information, Advanced Task Manager, etc - and don't really know what can be moved or possibly deleted. I recognize the apps, and I've gotten rid of most all that I care to. Also can't tell which apps are installed on the card and which are stored internally.

    Any help?

    1.) Model Number: Samsung Intercept SPH-M910
    2.) Firmware Version: 2.1-update1
    3.) Baseband Version: S:M910.05 S.DF27
    4.) Kernel Version 2.6.29
    5.) Build Number Samsung ECLAIR.DF27
    6.) Carrier - Sprint
    7.) US


  2. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    You'll need to be upgraded to android froyo 2.2 in order to get apps onto your card. You can likely do it now, if you root. Check out rooting with these guys: Samsung Intercept - Android Forums
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  3. jedema

    jedema Member

    as far as I have heard, the intercept has not been rooted, and the few attempts that people have made doing it have turned their phones into paper-weights.

    I would just wait unti 2.2 came out unless somebody smarter than me has any better ideas.
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  4. mrmolio

    mrmolio New Member

    yeah, not sure i'm ready to root (yet)!
  5. antmon

    antmon Well-Known Member

    well...froyo may be coming out before mo's end.....

    but even then....i "think" the programmer has to make the app capable of moving to SD...which, i''m guessing, will happen for mostly all apps :)
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  6. brd912

    brd912 Member

    i tried all the methods on the link the guy just gave and thought they didnt work,well then i download a few of the one click apps from the market (wich dont say they support the intercept) and they all said im already rooted,however the little kernal build bricked my first intercept but in that link a guy broke the instructions down and there easy to follow if you pay that im rooted i have tweaked everything and my phone is verry snappy,no freezes,wifi works,internet speed is outstanding and just overall its like i got the epic or something. try both of the one click roots in that link and even if they say it failed download a app from the market that says its a one click root (even if it doesent say the intercept is supported) and see what it says when you click root me or whatever. froyo may or may not come for the intercept and i wasnt waitin around to find out.remember tho if you have no brains for this kind of stuff just walk away and dont try.i learnt after brickin my first intercept and came a far way

    p.s if you do try anything i recommended,i am not at fault for anything that may happen to your phone,but with the one click root methods you shouldnt have any problems at all. i did 50 times because it said it failed and it actually worked and my intercept works as good as my friends evo:):)
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