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How to move installed apps to the sd card on a liberated ariaSupport

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  1. kmbrmky

    kmbrmky New Member

    I have seen many of the same questions but never a real answer to the question - it always turns over to some other issue or gets highjacked!

    I rooted my aria and installed the Liberated ROM - Perfect. Everything is right in my world now....except one of the main reasons I rooted was for space on my phone so I can download as many apps as I want and not feel guilty about bogging my phone down. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to move them over. I even got a bigger 8gb sd for more space. Can someone PLEEEEAAAAASSSSSE help me? TIA!!!

    Oh and a side note question (don't mean to highjack my own post...) sometimes when I power my phone down it goes to the ClockWork Mod Recovery screen - not sure why or if it's just supposed to do that now but I do a nandroid back up everytime b/c I figure it probably needs it anyways???? Any thoughts on that?

  2. tpbklake

    tpbklake Well-Known Member

    On the Liberated ROM, you simply need to use ROM Manager to create a EXT2/EXT3 partition on your SD card for the A2SD component to start working.

    On your second question the original battery charging icon was in the original Aria recovery module. Even though you 'powered' off the Aria, the phone enters 'recovery mode' when you have the USB cable plugged in. On the Aria, the recovery mode would then display the battery charging icon. Since you rooted your Aria and installed a custom recovery module (ClockworkMod), the phone stills enters 'recovery mode' when you power down the phone with the USB cable, but in this case, ClockworkMod does not have a battery icon screen to show you, so it just shows you the main menu.

    Hope this helps.
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  3. kmbrmky

    kmbrmky New Member

    Thanks so much - yes it helped immensely! I got the card partitioned using the ROM Manager app (a few hiccups - had to remove the battery a couple times - the little android dude came up under an exclamation point in a triangle) and I think i was successful (not sure how to check that)...but now what? You said the A2SD component should work. How do I know if it works? I went into settings-applications-picked one and looked and it didn't look any different. Sorry if this should be totally obvious - I'm still slow. Thanks again!!
  4. tpbklake

    tpbklake Well-Known Member

    You need to go over to XDA-Developers and search for Dark Tremor A2SD. Basically if you have the Android SDK Debugger (ADB) installed on a PC, connect your Aria to the PC and put it in debugging mode. Then in a PC command window you can type "adb shell a2sd check" and it will print out the status of a2sd. There are also alot of other a2sd commands, that's why you should go search on XDA-Developers.

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